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2019 T6 Ranger?

Are there any plans to create a separate forum for the upcoming 2019 T6 Ranger? I do not currently own a Ranger (my last one was a 2002 FX4) but I do own a 2007 Sport Trac which I purchased new.
I plan to replace it with a 2019 Ranger and would be very interested in information about the new model whenever any becomes available. A separate forum would be a great place to discuss the upcoming model. All we know right now are mostly rumors but even those can be interesting.
A separate forum would also be a great place for prospective buyers to discuss what they would like to see on the next Ranger. Personally I would be really interested in a 4x4 mini-Raptor model with a crewcab body and the 2.7L EcoBoost with either a 6-speed manual transmission or the new 10-speed auto with paddle shifters. An aluminum body would be icing on the cake.
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Welcome to the forum

This south african forum: 4x4 Community Forum

Has english language info on current T6 Rangers

Our engines will be different most likely because of emissions requirements

I think Ford may be shooting themselves in the foot on this but sure like to see Ranger name back.
The T6 is only slightly smaller than F-150, so I think their sales numbers will not change, F-150 buyers may go for T6 but not sure they will pull people back from their toyotas/nissans which is the point of smaller pickup truck
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Whether or not the Ranger takes sales away from the F-150 really should not matter. The point is that if a buyer is looking for a truck that is sized closer to their needs they are going to buy one from somebody and it would be stupid for Ford to ignore this market any longer.
Had they updated the last model it may never have declined in sales. There were also other factors at play including a stagnant economy, issues at the Twin Cities plant and probably a desire on Ford's part to force buyers into the more profitable F-series.
Now that there are more choices than just Toyota and Nissan it makes more sense to offer a smaller truck rather than lose sales to other manufacturers. Mid-size trucks may not be as small as some people would like but that is not where the market is today and offering something smaller than the competition isn't going to happen, especially considering that the T6 platform already exists versus the cost of developing another, smaller truck completely from scratch. Don't forget, the T6 is sold all over the world and was developed for those markets where the F-series is too large and the old Ranger was too small.
There is also a new management team at Ford and hopefully they are more interested in building vehicles that people want instead of assuming people will buy what they make and be happy.

I should probably also add that I have already seen just about everything there is about the current T6. What I am more interested in is what is planned for the North American spec 2019 Ranger. It will be different than the current T6 and Ford has already confirmed that it will also have different drivetrains and different styling from the Ranger sold outside this market. A separate forum would be a great place to discuss all that. IMO it is kind of the same situation Ford finds themselves in...if ranger-forums doesn't do it someone else will...

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I wish they would call it the F-100 or F-1, but not Ranger. There will be only one Ranger and that is the ones we currently own. After that, there will be no more. I have to say from what I have seen, this new so called Ranger gives me a terminal case of the DILLIGAF's.
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