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Ranger71 10-07-2016 10:38 AM

engine swap questions
Hey guys,
I have a 2006 ranger with the crappy 3.0 in it. Anyway it's got to swapped out. It doing all the normal stuff for head problems these things are famous for. So what year models are interchangeable with the 06?
Here is the history of this motor maybe someone has a better suggestion on what to do. The motor has had a slight miss on the #1 cylinder for a while but now really enough to make the CEL come on. Then the timing chain cover blow out and caused the motor to overheat. Replaced all the hoses, radiator, pump and timing cover. 1600 dollars later it fixed but now misses on the #2 cylinder really bad. Like every rotation bad. The CEL came on and stayed on. Now after it gets warmed up every time i stop at a light the CEL starts flashing and it loses all power. If you keep the rpms up it's "fine" but when it starts flashing it has to be turned off and restarted the clear the loss of power.

RonD 10-07-2016 11:43 AM

2004-2006 Ranger 3.0ls had exhaust valve seat problems, the seats can be changed or the heads swapped for newer versions.
That would be least expensive solution.

Any year 3.0l Vulcan engine can be used, Ranger or Mazda B3000 is best, but the car 3.0l Vulcan can also be used.
You will need to swap your upper intake to new engine so wiring matches up.
You of course would want to avoid the 2004-2006 3.0l's.
Getting a used engine is a roll of the dice, no history.

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