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etemplet 07-12-2012 10:43 PM

I'm Lovin this...
Been fightin this terrible idle (2000 Ranger) for over a year, drove it 20K miles to work over that time frame. No stone unturned, no joy. It kicked my @$$ again today, big time. Here goes.

I replaced the lights and wiring on my 5' X 8' utility trailer. Even got some side markers, $20.00 at Harbor Freight, whole wiring set up. So, I pull the Ranger to the trailer and hook up the completely rewired lighting system. 4 hours later after testing everything under the sun 20 times, removing bulbs, cutting wires, looking for shorts....etc... Just about the time I'm ready to take a mall to the whole set up, I asked my wife to move the Ford and hook up to the Avalanche. Hopefully I don't damange anything with this faulty wiring problem I'm having...right ?

Hook up the Chevy, every thing works perfectly. I look over at the Ford like I could rip it apart with my bare hands... I'm thinking death by fire.

Now... perhaps some research is in order. Maybe the electrical system is causing the engine problems I am expereincing with engine roughness. Very strange indeed. I've changed darn near everything in the engine, for certain, checked everything twice or five time or ten times.

In a couple of weeks, I'm gonna start testing electrical circuits. the trailer blinkers were working opposite (timing) than the truck, when the lights were on and my wife pushed the brakes, the light went out on the trailer. Something is amiss.

The Saga continues.

And how was your day?

pcollins 07-16-2012 12:33 AM

I'm assuming the avalanche wiring is factory. Who wired up the trailer harness in the ranger? Did you buy it used?

etemplet 06-15-2013 07:37 AM

I just thought I would update this thread. No problem with the Ranger wiring. Guess What ? I have a tilt trailer that I locked down so it won't tilt. I moved the ground connection to the part of the trailer (after) the tilt connection and.... the lights are fine.

What got me was that when I hooked up the trailer to the Avalanche, the lights worked fine. I must have been standing on the trailer at the time which made a better ground connection. Oh well go figure.

The Ranger is still on my $hit list anyway. Runs like crap.

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