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Old 09-02-2007
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Doug pushed the 3.0L well past the limits. He was way over 15lbs when his went. I find it difficult to believe, for a second, that he was "surprised" when it went. When Brain was running his turbo 3.0L, he was at 21lbs when his went. Such is life with boost. If you are worried about breaking something, don't lift your hood. period.

I don't "worry" about braking things, because I know I can fix it, and make it better. Can't fix something if you don't know what's wrong! When I blew the headgasket(s), I replaced them and a dozen other things with quality parts and used ARP studs. Then what did I do? I added a Whipple. Worked great. Then what was the first thing I did? I added a smaller pulley, 30lb injectors and an open element filter. If I would have run it longer, chances are, I would have broken something else, but that was at 15lbs boost. Ran like a champ (on 92 octane) and then I moved on. It's back to NA, but is still cammed, just waiting for a composite upper. Boost is addictive, it is not the supercharger or turbo that "break" things, it is the addiction, the quest for "just a little more..." - been there and fortunately I got that monkey off my back.

I'm just not a big fan of people saying things like "you'll put an eye out" and leaving it at that. If anyone has had an issue with the 3.0L and boost, you'll also find out there were signs of detonation. Search for info on the MSD-6BTM or the J&S Safeguard. You can site 3 people who've had problems and on another site we have over 20 people running boost for years without these same problems. I'm not quick to dismiss what other people say can't be done. Then again, I have a "strange stable":
'05 Focus running on E85 and gets 37mpg on gas
'94 Ranger that ran 8 PSI on 87 octane
and a slightly modded '98 Explorer (4L SOHC) that does 7.6 seconds 0-60, 4.5 seconds 60-0 and gets 24 MPG highway.

I also tune...

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Old 11-14-2010
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Old 11-19-2010
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That's quite the thread-necro you got there...
There is nothing easy about a universal kit, other than it gives you a WHOLE bunch of parts to try to see if they will work.
If that's what your after, enjoy. It will be interesting, at least. 8psi will NOT work without tuning. They fuel strategy is iffy at best, but I'd need to know a lot more about your vehicle.
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Old 11-19-2010
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Originally Posted by RageRanger View Post
I know I would have to make my own Hot side....I only wanna run 8pounds..
this comment makes it obvious that you don't understand turbochargers. I suggest leaving your truck alone.

Edit: OK I'm embarrassed now because I just replied to someones 3-year-old thread.

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