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95 4.0 with rough idle

So my old 4.0 needed to be replaced. It had a head gasket issue, and the cylinder compression was low across all cylinders (~140) with number 4 cylinder considerably lower than the other 5 (~100). I searched around online and found a 0 mile re-manufactured Ford 4.0 for a good deal, so i bought it. While the motor was going to be installed, I decided it would be a good idea to replace most of the sensors on the motor. I replaced the EGR valve, DPFE sensor, EGR vacuum, IAC, MAF, oil pressure, coolant temp, ignition coil, Camshaft synchronizer, and the coolant temp sensor. The only sensor I didnt replace was the TPS sensor because the screws weren't coming out without cutting them. While the old motor was out, i thought it would be a good idea to power wash the engine bay, but mistakenly forgot to remove the computer from the truck and accidentally sprayed it with the PW. i avoided that area after i realized what i did and when i was finished, i sprayed compressed air in the plug area to blow the excess water out of there.

I got all the sensors on without a problem, but my Camshaft synchronizer needed to be replaced because previous owner broke the plug on it, so i bought a new one and installed it after reading the chilton manual. (setting the motor on 10* after TDC) and installing the camshaft synchronizer in the motor. It said i need a tool to install and set it correctly. I searched google and found only the 96+ camshaft synchronizer tools. I am unable to find a tool to get it exact. I liked up the cam sync with the middle mark on the sight glass on the top of it to match with the crankshaft TDC. After that, i started the truck up and it ran a bit rough, but the closer it got to operating temp the rougher the idle. It almost seems like there's a vacuum leak somewhere. I checked with brake cleaner spray all the possible places there could be a leak from, but I wasn't able to find any problems there. I also tried pulling each wire off the coil one at a time to see if the trucks idle would change, but it didnt affect the idle at all. I'm starting to think it is either the computer or the camshaft synchronizer timing that is off. although when small increases in the throttle the truck seems to run fine.

My questions are:

is there a specific tool needed to time this synchronizer correctly?
if so, do you have a part number for it?
could spraying the computer with the washer cause it to maybe cause the truck to run poorly?
does anybody have any ideas of what could be causing the truck to run rough?
should the edge of the metal piece inside the sight glass be lined up with the mark to the left of the center line of the sight glass?

any help is appreciated!

heres a few pics of the synchronizer:

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95 4.0 with rough idle-e9022e0a-9f7d-466a-a354-9cfb7110aabf-54925-00000ea4722a44e9.jpg   95 4.0 with rough idle-a6a6446d-0587-466a-b7b9-5b89e1a59891-54925-00000ea46c7f73d1.jpg   95 4.0 with rough idle-e2d5c813-53a6-4654-9c09-a73ff45cddbb-54925-00000ea466edde41.jpg  
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No you don't need a special tool, just your eyes and patience. The entire procedure is written here: Mazda B4000 SE How do I Time the Camshaft position sensor - JustAnswer. You'll be fine after you do this!
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