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Buzzing/Rattling Noise?

New to website/New to The Ranger club. Please help!

Theres a video link below my post where you can have a listen. (I apologize for talking over sound)

My manual 2004 Ford Ranger XLT (4.0L) has been making this Buzzing/Rattling noise. She has 112000 miles on her. Owned for 1 month. No issues/sounds when I purchased her from my paps. Its my first manual so I may have been a little hard on clutch for 1st week but noise appeared after a couple weeks of driving it smoothly. Started abruptly when shifting to 3rd. Only when I engaged clutch. Sound is much more prominent from outside passenger window. Its been going on for 1 week and is louder and also present when driving in gear. Noise is not present for the 1st 3-5 minutes of driving. Noise is intermittent but often. Noticeably louder when foot is taken of gas at slow speeds 5-30 MPH.
-Sounds like if you had a thin piece of aluminum flapping against a fan..

Also, (less concerning) I have had a squeek noise going on for pretty much the entire month I have owned her. Notice the sound more at low speeds and not sure its the brakes because the noise disappears with just the slightest pressure on the brake.
Thanks in advance for any insight!


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Welcome to the Forum

Can't hear any noise like you describe on the video??

If a noise goes away when you touch the brakes then that noise is pads or calipers.

It can just suddenly start if pads are due for replacement, there is a soft metal "warning indicator" that will make contact with the rotor to make a squealing noise when pads are wearing out.
Or you could have picked something up when driving.
Jack up a wheel and spin it

4.0l SOHC engines had timing chain issues, they would start to make a rattling noise because tensioner and/or guides were wearing out.
When engine is cold the oil is thicker and the noise would be 0 or much less, after oil heats up and gets thinner the noise is more noticeable, this would be RPM based not MPH based.

2003 was the last year of this as a wide spread issue, but an early 2004 may be included.

Other possibilities are fan belt pulleys, loosen and remove belt, spin each pulley as best you can.

If a noise changes when using the clutch pedal it is usually the throw out bearing or pilot bearing.
Throw out bearing is on the clutch slave inside the bellhousing.
Slave is attached to bell housing so doesn't move, clutch spins at engine RPMs, to allow the slave to push on clutch and disengage it a throw out bearing is used between slave and clutch(pressure plate).
One side of throw out bearing is always spinning but with no pressure on it, when you press in the clutch pedal the throw out bearing gets alot of pressure on it.
So if there is more noise when clutch pedal is in and little or no noise when clutch pedal is out then its the throw out bearing.

Pilot bearing can only make a noise when clutch pedal is down or if in Neutral clutch pedal up or down.

You also need to listen more closely or describe it better.
Are the noises engine RPM based or MPH based

You can often hear noises better in an under ground parking lot.
Also on level street get up to 30mph then coast and shut off engine, remember you can loose power brakes so have to push hard to stop.
DO NOT turn key all the way off or steering wheel will lock.
Listen while engine is off

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