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Old 04-03-2012
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muddy antifreeze

The coolant looks like mud in my 99 4.0. The stealership want $150 to put it on a machine and flush it so clear you could drink the water. I'm going to try to do it myself. Is taking the thermostat out first the best thing to do and are those antifreeze flush kits with the T connector a good route to go?
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Old 04-03-2012
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Just get a flushing additive like prestone super flush. and flush the block and heater core then back flush the block.

Amazon Amazon
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Old 04-03-2012
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You will spend about 40- 50 bucks doing it your self make a mess and have to find a place to take the used mud.

Shop around a flush should be around 90-100. It was 80 last winter at the ford near me.

If you do it yourself swap the tstat.
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Old 04-05-2012
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Just go to jiffy lube or somthing its a pain to do then you have to dispose of the coolant your not really saving all that much if you factor in all the time and effort.
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Old 04-06-2012
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DO NOT TAKE IT TO JIFFY LUBE!!! I used to work there, their business practices are bullshit. they use substandard product, and I have even seen them reuse oil/atf/antifreeze.
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Old 04-15-2012
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I changed mine last year...pretty easy and I ended up with about two 5-gallon buckets full of old anti-freeze and a couple flushes. I went ahead and replaced the hoses and thermostat also. Easiest way to drain it is to get a big catch pan and pull the lower radiator hose....alot more comes out than just from the radiator drain. Make sure to use the right anti-freeze and make a 50/50 mix before you start dumping it in, don't mix colors. Also, use at least distilled water. I used the water from our reverse osmosis filter that we use for our saltwater/reef aquarium. It's a lot more pure than even distilled water but of course not everyone has one of those...dont just use hose water except for just flushing the system.

Theres a recycle place nearby that takes used oil, batteries, antifreeze, etc. They took my old coolant no problem. Don't forget to clean out and replace the coolant in the overflow container too.
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