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Piss poor gas mileage

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Icon4 **** poor gas mileage

Hey all, I got an 03 Edge edition thats getting really poor mileage. Im getting a cobined 15mpg on average. I do have a gaping hole in the muffler and wonder if thats causing it. Im new to truck ownership and am still figuring out why I cant seem to get 200 miles out of a tank of gas.
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Welcome to the forum

2003 would have the 4.0l SOHC engine, assuming because you posted in the 4.0l sub-forum
No, leaking muffler wouldn't effect MPG, internal exhaust blockage can, i.e. rusted out parts broken off and restricting exhaust flow

For a 2003 Ranger 4.0l 2WD Ford posted these numbers
Automatic trans: 15/19 combined 16
Manual trans: 15/20 combined 17

The 15MPG is low but not real low.
A lot has to do with how the truck is equipped, tires size and height of body above the road.
The higher a vehicle sits above the road the lower the MPG, just aerodynamics
Taller tires, non-stock, weigh more but also make speedometer and odometer read lower, so if you use Odometer to calculate MPG then you need to make sure you have stock tire size.

On the drivers door is a sticker, it has info about your specific vehicle
Look here: Ford 7.5 & 8.8 Inch Axle Tag & Door Codes : The Ranger Station

On the pictured door tag it shows this vehicle came with 215/75R15 tires, these have a 27.7" diameter, so speedo/odo is calibrated for that diameter, 27.7" tire will roll 7.2ft on each revolution, so this size tire will do 733.3 revolutions per mile
29" tire will roll 7.5ft each revolution. 704 revolutions per mile
The .3ft difference adds up quick, 30 revolutions per mile, lower, speed and distance travel are all based on revolutions per mile calibration
May "just be an inch" but makes a big difference
Check your tire size and compare to door sticker, people often go with taller tires

Also on that door tag is the axle ratio, under AXLE, look up yours on that chart
3.73 is the most common
4.10 is better for pulling loads, in the bed or a trailer, but has lower MPG at highway speeds.
3.55/3.45 is better for MPG and top speeds

Winter time
Gasoline is now "winter blend" which means it will have more methanol/ethanol added to prevent fuel lines freezing, this lowers MPG overall, not alot but not 0 either
ALL gasoline has water in it, "bad gas" has too much water, but ALL gas has water.
Gasoline can't bond with water, and normally the water is just vaporized in the engine.
But in the winter that water WILL FREEZE in the tank, fuel lines, and injectors, this will strand you.
Methanol/ethanol can bond with water, and when it does it changes freezing point of water from 32degF to -80degF, so no chance of freezing

Also the air:fuel mix uses more gasoline in lower temps
gasoline uses 14.7:1 air:fuel ratio......this is a WEIGHT RATIO, not volume
14.7 POUNDS of air to 1 POUND of gasoline, 14.7grams of air to 1 gram of gasoline

Colder air WEIGHS more than warmer air, i.e. "hot air rises", because it is lighter than colder air
So to get correct ratio computer has to add more fuel for each RPM of the engine.
This WILL give you more power, but.............it can't usually be used in winter driving so just lower MPG overall

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Icon14 it is what it is

I have a 1999 4x4 4.0 extra cab w/ 4.10 gears, and 265 75 R16 tire and never get more than 10 to 11 mpgs. And it did not change when I got a factory rebuilt engine 18,000 miles ago. My 2005 and 2009 (same body style and engine got 15 to 17 mpg. so like he said unless the motor or transmission has a problem that is what you are going to get for mileage.

Side note I wish they had put 5.0's in these trucks, sometimes my truck just does not want to climb FWY hills without taching up to 4.5 to 5.
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