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Old 09-20-2014
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A long post concerning an engine swap.

I'm looking to re-engine my 2002 edge. I'd like to put in a 4.6L V8 or maybe a 5.0 crate engine. But, I'd rather find a low milege Mustang that has been totaled in the back end. If I could find such a wreck I could save some money and get all the OEM parts that I'd need to make the swap. I'd like to salvage the Engine, Transmission, all electrical components, and (if it would bolt up), the differential and axle housing and axles. If there is anyone that knows where I might find such a treasure and would be willing to remove all the necessary parts I'd be willing to pay for the parts and your time and labor. Hell...I'd even throw in a steak dinner just to round out the deal.

I live in N.E. Texas but would be willing to tavel to pick up the engine and parts so long as the snow ain't *** deep to a tall Indian or get a severe case of Frostbite every time I step out of my motel room..

If I have to go with a crate engine I'll need to know just what parts I'd need to do this swap and what stock parts that I could use that are on my truck currently.

I hope I can use...
...The Bellhousing, the transmission...(right now it has a 4 speed automatic) I'd also like to keep the original transmission (athough I have my doubts that it would be able to handle extra the power and torque), starter, flywheel, differential and rear axles and axle housing if they will handle the extra horse power, and torque as well,and will bolt up properly. I'd also like to use any original parts currently on my truck. Do you think any of these parts can be used to keep the cost of this swap to a minimum. I am flexible on the transmission. I just don't want the hassle of getting a clutch/brake pedal assembly and have to fiddle around with the slave cylinder and the necessary plumbing to make a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission work. But a 5 or 6 speed would make her come out of the hole like a shot. But a high stall speed torque converter woud work just as well.

I'm curious as to whether the original "in tank" fuel pump will supply enough fuel to keep it from running too lean. But if it won't that would be a pretty easy fix.

The local muffler shop says if I use "shorty" headers the exaust system would be a snap. Three inch pipes to very mellow mufflers, no catalytic converters. From the mufflers back 2.5" tubes that come out under the rear bumper and about 8" apart.

Now, I can put a Pratt and Whitney R2800 Radial Aircraft Engine together in my sleep so I'm not entirely inept when working on the obvious parts, I can handle. But I must admit these computer controlled internal combustation engines only serve to make my *** ache. So I am looking for an individual that would be willing to take on this swap or a shop that does this kind of work. Preferably here in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana.

So if anyone wants to tackle this swap I'd be willing to pay for their labor and busted knuckles. I'll even come to your location and get a motel room for the duration of the job.

So...bring me up to speed on the parts question/situation. Tell me what I need and if you know someone that might be willing to take on the job. I'd be willing to pay a couple of grand or so (in cash) for the labor alone. 50% up front and the remaining 50% after the job is fnished and all the bugs are worked out. I'll pay for any parts needed. Or if you can put me in touch with someone that will do the job or a shop that can. I'd be willing to pay a generous finders fee.

I live in a small town in far N.E. Texas and there are quite a few young "street racers" in the area. I'm looking to build a street sleeper that'll blow these youngsters away. One that will idle smoothly and quietly until I come out of the hole while they are still looking for second gear.

I'm 65 years old and would love to see the look on their faces when this old Bastard leaves them seeing nothing but tire smoke and tail lights when the light goes green and I shower down on the throttle.

Can anyone help me build this monster? If so I'll be willing to pay a good price for your time chasing parts and putting the whole package together.

Any takers?

Thanks for your time.
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Old 09-20-2014
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The ohc/dohc v8's are just about impossibly too wide for the Ranger engine bay and the frame rails try to occupy the same place as the exhaust manifolds.

It has been done, in fact there is a low miles coyote powered Ranger for sale in the Carolinas for $27k. Less than 1000 miles on the thing.

None of the V6 hardware behind the flywheel is a fit behind any V8. Even the std diff is a poor match.

That all noted, the ubiquitous Ford Winsor is a pretty darn good fit. In 351 form, there are fit issues that can be overcome, particularly between the a/c system and valve covers. In its 302 guise, its a tight but good fit.

Ford installed the 302 in '96 to '01 Explorers and those Explorers pretty much share the exact same enijne bay as the Ranger.

Consider this:

Start with a complete V8 Explorer.

Mod the disk brake, limited slip 31 spline Ford 8.8 diff to fit (does not take much)

Build a fire breathing SBF out of the Expo 302 (or get real serious and use a 4 bolt mains block)

Use the rest of the v8 expo for the cooling and ancillary pieces.

Only need some custom brackets for the engine block to drop onto the current Ranger mounts.

500 hp is very possible without forced induction but much easier with it.

Think an 11 second 1/4 mile Ranger could have some fun with the local boy racers?
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Old 09-20-2014
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do you have any emission laws where you are? they usually say that the donor engine has to be from the same model year or newer as the vehicle getting the engine which would render the 302W swap impossible
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