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Old 09-27-2014
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01-04 CD player in a 99 ???

I have the factory CD player in my 99. I saw an ad for an 01-04 MACH factory deck. In my little experience with factory decks, the MACH system had more power and better sound.

Does anyone know if the head unit below has more power than my 99 unit ? It looks the same, will it plug in and work properly in my 99 ? Thanks !!!
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Old 09-27-2014
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Rangers had regular and premium sound system options
regular has the amp in the head unit
premium has a head unit and separate amp

So obviously if yours has head/amp in same unit and you want head and separate amp then you will need to change the wiring a bit, and of course get the separate amp when you get the head unit.

Good link here to wiring for Ranger sound systems by year: Ford Ranger Radio Wiring Diagram

There is alot of misconceptions about audio wattage, stereo makers post theoretical watts, 20watts per channel in reality would be 4 to 7 watts, and that is really enough inside a truck or car.
Usually complaint in car or home systems is a lack of power, not loudness, but power, power is lower frequencies, and smaller speakers simply can not generate longer waves(lower frequencies).
Adding a powered subwoofer, for a car/truck 8" is fine, 10" if you have the room, will give you that power.
For homes a 12" powered sub will really improve the sound quality for music and TV.

Wattage is a 10 times progression, 40watts is not twice as loud as 20watts, 200watts will be twice as loud as 20watts, so if you have a 20watt stereo upgrading to a 60watt would be a waste of money if loudness is what you are after, it will be louder but not as loud as you might think.

Also be aware of a speaker's wattage rating, you will end up damaging the speaker and amplifier if you change amp wattage to near speaker wattage max.
Speakers themselves will have a rating on how efficient they are, SPL is often used, 90dB @ 1W/1m is an average speaker, this means if you input 1watt of power to speaker you will read 90db(audio level) at 3ft away(1 meter), a good speaker may have an SPL of 96dB @ 1W/1m, a poor speaker 84dB @ 1W/1m.
So upgrading your speakers to a better SPL will increase volume

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Old 09-27-2014
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Thanks for the detailed response. I have some audio background, but that is aftermarket not factory gear. The factory sound is actually not bad for factory, as long as you keep the volume below 1/2 on the scale. I'm not "looking" for an upgrade, but this came across my bow and I thought hmmm, if the head unit is better. Anyway thanks for the help !!!!
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