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Old 06-19-2006
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damn i better plug mine in to see if it is any diff! My sounds been clear, but i do have stock speakers.
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Old 06-19-2006
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I have the Pioneer DPH-6800 with the Pionner Sirius hookup through my HU. It cuts out at times..but I think its the antenna. Crutchfield is supposed to be sending me a new model when they get them in. I like having the Sirius on my radio and the reciever hidden away in my glove box.
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Old 06-19-2006
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i have the Sportster Replay.. got it back in December, and love the replay and memory feature thing it has (it'll notify you whenever a song you save is being played on any channel). im sure every other unit has the same feature.. but i figured i'd mention that it's a nice unexpected feature to use. anyways.... as long as you go with Sirius, you'll be fine... XM is going down hill.. and their programs aren't really impressive at all.
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Old 06-19-2006
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Originally Posted by zabeard
anyone think the 16 character limit will suck?
Yes.. utterly and horribly suck! Not just because you only get to see 16 characters, but because that limits what other crap your display could be showing, like the current time, EQ/sound params, dumbass graphics, whatever..

I have a moderately high-end Kenwood head unit. When I bought I got the changer connected Sirius receiver free w/ it. It is totally worth what I paid for it! I've since de-activated the subscription for it and pulled the receiver hardware from the truck. (I've been meaning to ebay it..)

I'll never get another intergrated unit for one very simple reason: portability. I don't use the truck nearly enough to make the $13/mo subscription rate pay off in the long run. ... Now if I could use it in the house or at work as well.. then maybe it would be worth it! (Hmm.. how could one do this?!)

Last summer we bought my GF an Audiovox PNP3 plug and play receiver. It's fawkin' awesome! It gets great reception, has way more cool features than my Kenwood deck extended, and has 6 lines of display (well, 4, but the top and bottom lines display 2 items each). It has an intergrated FM modulator. Even if you don't use it, having the modulator for friends' cars and traveling and such is handy.

If you act quickly, you can get home kits for the PNP3 from CompUSA for a steal. They are blowing them out for like $20/ea.. I've been meaning to go back and get another one just in case. Finding the receiver and car kit is getting tricky though. I just got mine delivered from NewEgg this morning... and I had to hound them 3 times. (That never happens for me w/ NewEgg.)

I like this unit so much that I recommended it to my best friend.. he in turn liked it so much he bought one for his GF. Now all four of us (my buddy, his GF, my GF and myself) have the same receiver and can share docks and crap!

Originally Posted by zabeard
ya i think i should go with the HU controlled one. i want good sound, and ive heard 3-4 people now say the ones that work FM arent anywhere near as good.
And now you'll have 1 tell you the opposite: FM modulators aren't half bad in my experience. At least the one on the Audiovox PNP3 is pretty damned good. We installed my GF's in her Mazda3 w/ the intention of eventually buying or building either a line-in for her stock deck, or getting one of those antenna interrupter switcher things. (IIRC Brian Wowak highly recommended using an antenna switcher.) We were told it would sound like crap w/o a direct link of some sort. It doesn't. We've decided to pass on the hard-link. It sounds just fine.. way better than FM radio. My buddy and his GF agree, they use the FM modulator in theirs as well.

Maybe it is just our area, but it works very very well for us.

We do occasionally have to change the station the modulator uses when traveling out of state. We recently found ourselves in western NY state for a weekend a month or so back and had this problem. Four or five menu clicks later the problem was solved.

I highly recommend a PNP setup. Get yourself a bracket. We put one of these brackets in on Bri's Mz3.. frickin' perfect!

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Old 06-20-2006
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I have used FM transmitters before and I don't like them. I guess it depends on where you live, but here in the LA area there are a ton of radio stations. It sucked using it because you constantly had to change the station on even short trips, depending on the area, so that you could get a free channel instead of picking up a little of some station.
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Old 06-20-2006
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i have used the FM modulated unit for ipods. i tend to have the same problem as jacob.

im still leaning to the integrated model. what i really want is this new wireless unit like the s50 but it wont be out for a while, so i will wait. but in the mean time just have the integrated unit.
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