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Old 11-23-2013
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most any degreaser will work, get the motor up to temp, spray it on the worst parts, let it sit a moment and pressure wash keeping full pressure away from electrical components, go for a drive to dry everything out/off. been doing it that way for decades with no problems
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Old 11-23-2013
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Everyone will tell you to do it differently. Me, engine cold. Not warm. My water is ice cold. I don't want to risk any problems by rapidly cooling down a warm engine. So engine off and cold.

I cover the alternator and battery posts, soak everything in a heavy coat if simple green, let it sit but don't let it dry. Rinse iff with garden hose. No pressure at all.

For bad spots, re spray and scrub it with an old toothbrush. Or your siblings toothbrush. Rinse off.
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Old 01-22-2014
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Originally Posted by SteelDirigible View Post
I think this is what you want to see. You should cover anything with electronics in it like the fuse box, etc. before you go blasting it.

+1 SteelDirigible. I did mine the other day without covering many parts, squeeked for about 15mins, I suggest anyone doing this also avoids the belts. Mine are fine afterwords but i'd rather not have something so corrosive hit them at all.
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Old 02-07-2014
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Just be careful guys with 2.3 liters.Water will get in the Ignition control module through the upper connector and she won,t start "ask me how I know".Take some silicone and force it in were the wires go through the plug if you plan on washing said engines.
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Old 02-23-2014
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Took my last Ranger mudding and then to the do-it-yourself carwash. Pressure sprayed the engine compartment, being careful to avoid electrical components, and ended up with 2 shorted coils and a damaged PCM. I clean things by hand now and avoid water spray under the hood. Every time the hood is open or I'm under the truck I'm wiping dirt off just because I like it clean. Also, as someone else correctly pointed out, there is a huge difference tween powerspray and rain.
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Old 11-25-2014
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Here is what I do. I use one of those hose nozzles that is made to dispense soap. I fill it with Dawn. I spray it all over every where I can get it. If the engine is really dirty some brushing is required. Then I hose it all off and use an electric leaf blower to dry it out. I never use any of those protectants. They just attract dirt etc and make it greasy to work on. It may not look perfect, but its very clean and thats what matters.
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