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Old 08-10-2006
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Clearing up faded lights

If your headlights have scratches, oxidation, grime, haze or cloudiness I have found the solution; Meguiars Plastix, Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish. I just finished using this after wet sanding with 1000grit and wow. They restored my headlights to as close to stock as I could imagine. Here are the pics:
Before, faded and sanded with 400grit, look twice as good as before sanding-
Name:  HPIM1421.jpg
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Name:  HPIM1442.jpg
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After wet sanding with 1000grit, and a few minutes hand polishing with the miricle polish; compared to before -
Name:  HPIM1446.jpg
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Size:  40.1 KB
Name:  HPIM1448.jpg
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Against clear corners and on truck -
Name:  HPIM1451.jpg
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After doing both and wiping down -
Name:  HPIM1456.jpg
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Name:  HPIM1459.jpg
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The reason I posted this is because I couldn't find any "proven" solution, so if this or similar has been posted please tell me instead of flame. Any questions, comments or suggestions welcome. Yes I know I need to repaint the truck.
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Old 08-10-2006
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looks 1000x better... i did the same thing to my old 92 with similar results
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Old 08-10-2006
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Plastic X is the BOMB its works....just so ya know all the metal polishes do same, they all smell same too if you ever noticed? some metal polishes are cheap and can do good job :) but I own a bottle of Plastic X

ahh heres what I used before, did just as good too

*** might wanna wear gloves on the blue magic its scent is strong and will stay on your hands for a good 10 hours, lol
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Old 08-11-2006
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eh, my moms headlights on her 93 mazda 626 started to fade really bad, then she rear ended a truck at 5 mph and they replaced the entire front end, 2 years later i bought the car, and started to actually like wax it, and the head lights never turned.
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Old 08-11-2006
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2000 grit wetsand them, if you have a buffer apply the wax and then buff it out, it will go back to new.
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Old 08-12-2006
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Looks good, I've had similar results with rubbing compound. On my Ranger, I like to touch them up with Meguiars Scratch-X and keep them waxed - they still look brand new.
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Old 08-14-2006
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I used GHE Simichrome polish on my mom's 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee cuz her lights were all yellow and cloudy...about 20 minutes worth of my time and they looked like new. Permatex has a headlight restoring kit that you can buy at O'Rielly's pretty cheap but I don't think that it will do any better than a good metal polish.
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