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Thetroutcarver 05-09-2019 06:34 AM

Mice got into the cab of my Ranger
I had my truck in storage for about eight months when I got it out I discovered that my side got inside the cab as well as under the hood so far I don't notice any wires chewed but they left a mess of their little droppings everywhere any suggestions about how to get this sterilized as I know can carry a lot of diseases such as hantavirus, have a dog that rides with me in my truck all the time and I don't want him or me to get any kind of sickness from the mice

Scrambler82 05-09-2019 10:03 AM

Under the Hood needs a good cleaning, hot water with pressure.
The inside of the cab another story, I cleaned up after a few mice a few years back but in my barn, wearing a mask, I used Bleach and Water spray a couple of time, and then the Vacuum.

Remember to use a good mask !

Also, If you want to make sure you get everything, take out the seats and the carpeting.mats, spray with Bleach Mixture, let air out, then using a softer brittle brush, clean the inside of the cab.

The more you clean the better it will be, but the end will be when you are satisfied with the job.

Then there is the electrical system, wonder what they ate !


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