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NewShockerGuy 10-02-2013 09:52 AM

How to on changing the Alternator?
I found a how to on a 3.0 ranger thread but nothing for the 2.3L. I regret not changing out the alternator last week when I had my AC compressor and changing the serpentine belt along with the tensioner since all that out of the engine bay and replacing it among other things freed up quite a bit of space.. Do I have to remove my ac compressor to get to the alternator since it sits below the ac compressor?

Any tips or tricks to the install... looks SUPER tight and I can't even see the bolts to the alternator to remove it. I believe there was 3 bolts from what I have read. Then simply unplug the wires and plug the new ones in and bolt back up and put belt back on...

I tested with the engine on and the battery terminals were only reading 12.80-12.82 across when I should be getting upwards of 14v's.... it didn't go about 12.82v. However my alternator could be going bad for a while now since I always plug my truck in at night to top the battery off for the battery tender I might have been covering a problem that I have had for a while... I only started noticing it when the battery gauge is reading lower than normal and I JUST replaced the battery (old one was from 12/07) with a brand new one yet the gauge hasn't gone up at all... actually a little lower.



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