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Colbykz1 01-04-2014 09:50 AM

Possible Transmission Issue
To start I'm new to Ranger forums, and I've browsed a few topics, but I'm having an issue with my truck.

I think the planetary gears in my transmission are junk. It's an 05 Ford Ranger Edge 105k miles 5r55e automatic transmission, 4.0l V6.

On New Years it started making a grinding noise on takeoff that changes with vehicle speed, with a little shudder, it goes away at high rpm in first, over 20 mph and has an irregular shift into second.

The noise doesn't occur in any other gear but it seems to shudder in reverse. As far as I can tell no other gears are effected.

My other theory is I'm having a lubrication/pressure issue, it's been like 10 degrees tops for the past week and I haven't driven much but it's seems if I drive around for a while in just first the sound will go away and there is no CEL or blinking Overdrive light.

Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated, just bought this truck off my father 8k miles ago and I do not believe it's ever had a transmission flush, and I know it's never been rebuilt, should I invest in a flush or am I likely going to be needing an overhaul?

pearlkid9988 01-04-2014 02:07 PM

Could be low fluid or dirty fluid mine used to shudder coming out of OD and it was dirty fluid and filter. Its good to flush trans fluid every 30-50,000 miles so your definitely due. You need to check to make sure its not burnt first smell it and check color if its not burnt then you can go ahead and flush it if its burnt LEAVE IT ALONE. once its burnt flushing it will make it start slipping. Also old fluid breaks down over time so if its that many miles and age wise its relatively old its probably worn out fluid not lubricating as well. Cold weather can make it worse as the oil condenses when its cold.

03edge 01-04-2014 04:42 PM

Check out your universal joints too, never hurts to replace them at that mileage if you haven't already

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