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Originally Posted by Bird76Mojo View Post
I'm just about stumped on this one..

There are different flywheels and starters for different engine configurations, so the flywheel being wrong is a possibility. The starter teeth engagement on the flywheel could be making some noise in that scenario..

I do believe it's also possible that IF you got the flywheel turned, they can surface grind too much off of it, but I don't think that would make anything noisy like you guys are describing.

GB :)
So I called a friend of a friend that's an at home mechanic in an effort to get an estimate for what I need to make my truck work. He said I should check the starter because it sounds like it may not be disengaging after start up. Right before I called him I spoke to my friend who is pretty knowledgeable. He mentioned the starter as well. I'm at work until 10:30 tonight but I'm on pins and needles waiting to get home. It doesn't make much sense why I'm excited I may have to dish out money to buy a starter but I'm just so hopeful that I don't have to drop the tranny again. I can't really see where the starter and the flywheel meet from outside the tranny so he said to just touch the outside after it starts to see if there is a lot of vibration. I'll post an update later tonight.
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Well I finally found out what was wrong. I meant to update the forum earlier this week but I forgot to do so. The mechanic came out to look at it and it was the starter, though it wasn't. The new style of pressure plate for my truck is different than my old one (though it was the self adjusting design whereas my old one was not so it was expected) and it had a couple notches on the edge of the plate that were hitting the starter housing. When he came to look at it, the noise sounded quieter and now I know why. The pressure plate was notching away the spot where it was hitting the starter. Very stupid problem but thankfully he figured out what it was. I just pulled down the starter and filed away where the notch was hitting and no more noise. I'm surprised there has not been anyone else with a similar problem but I'm glad I was the special one... I usually am... So for those of you that hear a grinding (or metal hitting metal that sounds like a playing card in a bicycle wheel) after you do a clutch change and don't know why... now you know! Check for scoring on the starter housing. Thank you all for your help and to Duralast or Mazda or whoever's fault this was for saying it was compatible with my vehicle and causing me to pull my transmission a second time. Seriously I felt so defeated by this stupid noise. to all of you for your help and to the shade tree mechanic that figured out my stupid and slightly depressing problem.
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Old 02-10-2011
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Ahh, strange! One of those things that's easy to overlook or not think of due to not being something replaced or really moved . . . glad to hear you got it fixed, never would have thought of that myself without really looking over things!
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