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Old 10-16-2010
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How-To: Convert 98+ T-Case To Yoke Style Output

This how to is the change from the tulip style output to the yoke style output for the install of a explorer dual carbon front drive shaft.

Parts needed
95-96 explorer dual carbon shaft
93-97 ranger output yoke and shaft
2 bottles of auto trans fluid
1 tube of rtv silicone

Tools needed
tourk wrench
12 point 12mm wrench
8mm socket
10mm socket
t 27 tork bit
13mm socket
13mm wrench
30mm socket
air gun
15mm socket
5/16 wrench
snap ring plyers
rubber mallet
flat head screwdriver

set parking brake and scotch wheels.

then with the 12point 12mm wrench take out the 4 bolts holding the rear drive shaft to the rear output flange and unplug the plug from the electric motor on the back of the case also.
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then with the 8mm socket take out the bolts on the front output
Name:  DSCN0362.jpg
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useing the t27 unbolt the other end of the shaft from the front diff
Name:  DSCN0361.jpg
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remove the t case skid plate next if you have one useing the 10mm socket
Name:  DSCN0363.jpg
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then useing the 13mm socket and wrench take out the 5 bolts that holds the t case to the trans. ive found on the bottom bolt and the one on the exaust side use the wrench cause the socket will not fit in their.
Name:  DSCN0364.jpg
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then remove the t case from truck and take to work shop are where ever you wanna take it apart at. also try to leave the t case on its back side standing up wile working on it

useing the 15mm socket take off the 6 bolts that hold the upper cover on and pull the cover off.
Name:  DSCN0367.jpg
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now is a good time to dump the old fluid out of the t case sense you have to top off

then useing the same socket take out the 9 bolts holding the middle sec together now half the bolts are on one side and the others are on the other side they flip flop sides. then pull that part off beging carefull to catch the little mag that falls out when the pump filter slides out of its spot.
Name:  DSCN0374.jpg
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now looking at the top half you just took off you will see the other side of the tulip output. on top of that gear is a internal snap ring holding the gear on i took reg snap ring plyers and a screwdriver and worked it off a bit at a time till free. Also their is a washer their too dont loose those parts are damage the snap ring when removing it. then pull the shaft out.
Name:  DSCN0369.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0371.jpg
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nows where the new parts come into play. also if you have bad bearings in your case now would be a good time to change em along with a new seal.
take the output shaft from the doner case and install the gear washer and snap ring back onto it.
Name:  DSCN0373.jpg
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and then install it into the bottom part of the case make sure the gear lines up with the chain.
Name:  DSCN0374.jpg
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now you can clean all the old gasket off and install new rtv and re assemble the t case. also when installing the middle sec of case make sure the pump filter and mag get installed back into their little spot on the inside of the case
when its together useing the 30mm socket install the front yoke and tighten to 130 fbs
then fill with atf and restall in truck
Name:  DSCN0375.jpg
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after you have restalled the t case and bolted every thing back up. and pluged in the t case motor. its time to install the new front dual carbon shaft

useing the 5/16 wrench tighten the 4 bolts that hold the shaft to the yoke the bolts go in from the back of the yoke, then install the other end useing the t27 bit.
Name:  DSCN0378.jpg
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now you can enjoy a much better drive shaft. that you can rebuld insted of just tossing out when it becomes shot.
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