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How-To: Install Powertrax locker and axle girdle

How-To author: ToughFord

Original thread:

Let the modding Begin!!


This is a how to on a powertrax locker for an 8.8 rear end with an open differential. And axle girdle.

Tools needed 3/8 ratchet, socket, 3/8 12 point socket, screwdriver, wrench, wrench, 5/16 wrench, allen, 5/16 allen, lock tight and silicon sealant. Also you need some grease too and three bottles of differential fluid

First thing is to put blocks in front and behind front tires and jack up the rear end and place jack stands on axle tubes. Once it is up on jack stands place the vehicle in neutral.

Then proceed by lessening all the bolts in the differential cover, then remove the bottom three bolts and use a screwdriver to pry open. Make sure you have a drain pan under the diff. Once all the fluid has drained you can remove the diff cover.

Next you will need a 5/16 wrench to remove the bolt holding the pin in.
You will need this bolt later so don’t lose it. Then you remove the pin, it should slide out easy.

Once that is done you can remove the two spider gears that the pin went through. After that is done you will need to go to each wheel and push the wheels toward the truck so you can go back in the diff and remove the C-clips. You will need the C-clips later too.

After you remove the C-clips you can then remove to other two spider gears make sure that you remove the thrust washers too. Then take the passenger wheel and pull it out about six inches

Now its time to move onto installing the locker. First thing to do count the parts and make sure that you have all the pieces. Then you will want to start by putting grease on these two parts. There are two sets of these, there is a solid piece and a slotted piece. The two slotted pieces go together and them are for the passenger side

Now you want to take the piece that has the splines on it and install it into the driver side axle. You might have to push the drivers side tire in to install the C-clip

There is a small opening were the teeth are cut short you want to place that towards you on the drivers side. (this is were the install directions went useless)

Now take the other piece with splines and place that in on the passenger side you will have to push the tire in towards the truck so you can engage the splined shafts together. And the opening on this one you will want to face that away from you. DO NOT INSTALL THE C-CLIP AT THIS POINT.

Now you will grease the four yellow springs so they will stay in the hole you are about to put them in. There are eight springs altogether four springs to one piece.

Then you will take the sleeve with no slot in it and put it in the driver with no slot and you have to align the paddle to the opening.

Now take the driver with sleeve inside it already (non slotted) and put it in so that the opening were the paddle from the sleeve face you and place it on the drivers side and make sure that the teeth fully engage

Now take the other driver and sleeve and face that opening and paddle away from you and put that now in on the passenger side. Make sure that both drivers teeth are fully engaged.

You will have to take the other C-clip and slip it through the slot. You might have to take a screwdriver to get it fully engaged

Now that it is installed there is a no go gauge in the kit. Now take the skinny side of it and place that here. The widest end of it should not fit in. If it fits in there you have a problem and should contact powertrax. You will have to do this to this side and the opposite side.

After that is done you have four springs left two skinny and two big ones. Take one skinny spring and place it inside one of the big springs. You will have to put these springs in here you will have to compress the spring and slide it in… screwdriver works well. Just make sure that it is all the way in the recessed hole. Do the same to the other side.

Now rotate the entire assembly making sure that the teeth stay engaged to were you can install the pin. You will have to push hard to get the pin to go in all the way once that is done you can then take the 5/16 bolt and place it in and tighten it up. I would recommend using some lock tight on that bolt. Now go and put the vehicle back in park, you will need two people for this step. Take the drivers tire and rotate it to were it stops then have someone on the passenger tire to try and rotate the tire in the opposite direction it should break loose the tire should not rotate in the same direction as the driver tire. Repeat this step but hold the passenger tire.

Now to install the axle girdle. First you want to take the two studs and thread them in so that they are seated all the way in. And place the jam nuts on the out side of the cover.

Then install the drain plug the one with the magnet and install the fill plug

Now put the gasket on put some silicon sealant on it and bolt up the cover the cover bolts should be torqued to 25 foot pounds and the to studs that put pressure on the axle bearing caps are torqued to NO MORE THEN 10 foot pounds. Then tighten the two jam nuts. Now to just fill up the axle to were fluid is coming out of the fill hole a steady drip then plug the hole.

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