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MarkMLS 09-26-2018 12:42 PM

Header panel question
I replaced my header panel on my 00' after it was smashed in a minor accident. When I went to put the turn signals back on I noticed there was a hole for the peg that is on the turn signal housing. It holds the top of the turn signal housing in place. Without it only the screws on the bottom of the turn signal housing hold it in place. I forgot to pull the little plastic fasteners from my old header panel before it went to the bin.
What is that part called? Where do I get one without a trip to the junkyard? It is possible to make something to stick in the hole to hold the peg on the turn signal housing?

MarkMLS 10-31-2018 09:17 AM

I'm replying to my own thread in case anyone ever has the same problem I detailed in my OP.

I'd had a fender bender and the header panel was broken.

The header panel I bought lacked any retaining clips. I had to take the old ones from the busted header panel but I was missing the ones that hold the turn signal housing at the top. I quick trip to the hardware store for a couple of nylon license plate holders in size #14 did the trick. I just stuck them in the holes at the top of the header panel and the peg on the the turn signal housing went right in. 72 cents saved me a trip to the junkyard.

Fordzilla80 11-01-2018 08:07 PM

Thanks for that update. A lot of times the original ones become brittle and fall out on their own, which is what happened to mine. I've been running for years without those clips, so thank you for the idea.

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