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Am I missing some information?

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Am I missing some information?

Hey guys,

I was bored at work today and on the internet. I haven't had my ranger for a little over a year now as I sold it and bought a BMW. About 6 months ago I moved to northern Alberta where is snows like crazy and is cold.

Anyway I have been looking at rangers again to get a winter car. I saw a nice 3.0 that look perfect for me. I don't really know much about the engine so I goggled it. At first nothing surprising. A slow, not powerful but reliable engine. Honestly that's fine for me I am keeping my BMW and it is more than fast enough.

Anyway there was a page I read about the 3.0 on RPS that linked me to Morana Racing.
Tom Morana Racing Engines

I am confused about this because when I had my 4.0 supercharging was not a cheap deal.

What else is needed to put a M90 on one of these 3.0 trucks other than the M90 its self. seems like all the major parts are there? for 890.00

Then even more spooky is a M-112 Intake adapter. It states it has everything needed to bold a M-112 on. I cant imagine putting a M-112 on a 3.0 and for 450.00 seems cheap. I know the charger is not included.

So as all things that look too good to be true what else is needed to run one of these kits?
Honestly I cant see a M-112 making much sense as it is just too big of a blower for my use.

Looking at the M90 intake I am curious what else would be needed to mount a M90 up to a 3.0?

I would also like to add in that I am not expecting this to be a fast truck. I fully understand that it will not be fast ever unless I am to put out some huge money.
The whole thought process behind this is it looks cheap for now. I can learn and do research about this. I work on my BMW and these 3.0's are much simpler engines from what I have looked at and I am not afraid to open it up.
I guess what I would be wanting this charger to do is help turn a set of tires that are larger then its used to. More than anything though I like tinkering around with my cars. I enjoy it and opening up the engine is a good way of getting to know the vehicle.

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they don't make anything that i've seen to put an m90 on a 3.0L, just a 4. there was a whipple set up for 3.0s but i haven't seen one for sale in a really long time.
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Another route you could probably use to turn bigger tire is a gearing change. Swapping out the gears in the diffs will help without having to figure out how to supercharge the engine. If you could find a way to do the changes cheap it'll probably leave more in your pocket than supercharging.
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