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Old 10-22-2007
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Icon5 Turbo Questions and Suggestions

To everyone..... thanks for reading this...... i have my dad's 1995 ranger with the 4.0L ..... he passed away in Jan 06 and i know he would like some upgrades..... my roomie has a T3 Turbo that needs rebuilding.... now my question is how hard would it be to mount this to my 4.0.......? my brother has an SVO and says it would be hella worth it...... the motor is still strong as new...... what are you opinions on this? piping.... mounting...... wiring ......... etc..... please help...... and yes i am hella car/truck knowledgeable....... i have a bagged S10 that i did myself.......
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Old 10-22-2007
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Haha dude I was reading your post and you said "hella knowledgeable". My ex from Cali used to always say "hecka = so cal, hella = nor cal".

As to the T5, check on www.rangerpowersports.com they have a big "blown/injected" section. Although I realize this is your first post here so you might just stay on rps. You can also use the search function above to look in these forums.
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Old 11-09-2007
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With 4L of displacement, you'd need two of those T3's, even if they're the higher flow 2.3T 60 trim type. That would be a nice combo. A single turbo would have to be quite a bit larger even with the lower rpm's that the 4.0 uses.

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Old 11-12-2007
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is there even room under there for 1 turbo, let alone 2? it would be cool though, just the spooling noise alone would be worth it, added power is just a bonus
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Old 11-15-2007
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i remember seen something somewere about some company that was starting or trying to build a kit to twin turbo the 4.0s
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Old 11-15-2007
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There is alot more to adding a turbo to a NA car or truck then most think. Keep in mind your internals first. You internals now would handle maybe 5-7lbs of boost which is hardly noticable. You would stronger and different compression pistons, also rods and other misc internals are a good idea. Computer would be another issue. A reflash would be needed to send more fuel which in turn means new injectors and new fuel pump with higher rating. Also you would need to beef up the tranny a bit. You would need two turbos or a single larger one. The T3 is designed for 2.3l and smaller mostly and low boost cars. Some sort of intercooler and some way to mount it. Custom exhaust with custom downpipe. Custom headers to accept the turbo. Piping to and from the intercooler. Larger intake. Larger MAF. Custom intake. You would also have to run oil lines from somehwere on the engine or tap the pan. You are looking at ALOT of money and time.

But hey more power to ya. haha.
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Old 11-24-2007
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been there done that, that turbo (t3 off a turbo 2.3) spools to quickly on a 4.0l feels good in 1st and 2nd but under a load in high gear it's almost instant, a t04e would work better, however i would disagree with previous comments about barely noticable how about spinning 39.5"s at 7 psi on pavement- you should realize a 45-50% gain in power at 7 psi- i did mine sts style mounted just behind the cat at the flange, fuel was a 170 in tank with a fmu off a 5.0 mustang (10:1 ratio?) and a mustang 5.0 mass air meter (stock) because it is inline style with no flanges- i was able to maintain a 11.8:1 afr with stock injectors as long as it stayed at 7 psi- the only thing i had trouble with was some spark knock but i never even put colder plugs in it-the stock 4.0l plug is very hot so that should have cured it... i took it off because the junkyard 2.3l turbo started puking oil and it would smoke alot... was going to have a bigger unit spec'd to the truck but now i have a blown 302 that is more fun...lol
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