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Old 07-12-2011
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Watch the jump at the 1:50 mark, no wonder they have bent frames, they're a bunch of Idiots!
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Old 07-12-2011
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Wirelessly posted (Droid2)

Originally Posted by Casper98
Watch the jump at the 1:50 mark, no wonder they have bent frames, they're a bunch of Idiots!
I know they're built Ford tough, but not indestructible.
After hitting a bump that hard, I would think about my airbag deploying. Is there an airbag disable?
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Old 07-12-2011
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Originally Posted by Casper98 View Post
Watch the jump at the 1:50 mark, no wonder they have bent frames, they're a bunch of Idiots!
X1000! the post I quoted below pretty much sums up my opinion for me.

I have typed and not posted this response several times over the last few weeks. I think most people who share my opinion bailed a long time ago, but all this talk of lawyers is just pissing me off and it's the 4th of July weekend. Independence day.

First, all you "class action lawsuit" people. You really need to rethink what your saying. This attitude is what is destroying America. Ford does something absolutely freaking awesome and you want to shut the whole thing down because it's not indestructible. Reminds me of the family that sues Yamaha because their underage kid was driving without a helmet and flipped the off road use only Rhino on pavement. There are a million such stories in America, just thought people that bought Raptors were not in the whiny government must protect me by taking away all my liberties camp. One of the main reasons to buy the thing is there aren't any speed traps in the desert.

Second, the Raptor is awesome. Ford let at least a hundred journalist drive it on at least 5 occasions that I know of. They let customers jump them in Vegas and Phoenix. They have hundreds of hours of videos showing that the thing can and will handle all types of abuse. Again, they let hundreds of people drive Fords trucks while not being liable for damage.

Third, we are agreed maybe that the guy who jumped the truck and broke the spindles and who knows what else exceeded the warranty claim limit? So where do you draw the line? I always assumed that if the shocks started leaking oil it was Fords warranty, and if I tore the mounting bolts off I was on my own.

By BlueSVT's postings, half the trucks were bent on the first day. His was not. Why not? Then on the same exact bump, him and the guy following him (presumably at same speed) bent their trucks for the first time. I say it had to be a pretty hard hit for them to remember it and notice it, right? Give me the GPS coordinates and I'll rent a Ford Focus and I'll drive through that hole at ever increasing speeds until it breaks. But again, if I bend it is it Fords fault? Or if I do the same with my Raptor, is it Fords fault at 55mph, or is it Fords fault at 75mph, or is it Fords fault at 103mph? Is it ever the drivers fault?

In Summary, BlueSVT basically ran a Baja 250 at very high speeds. You did it without pre running it and without course notes. You misjudged one obstacle (out of thousands) and suffered less then $800 in damage. I imagine most off road racers would be freaking amazed if they could spend only that much in a weekend of racing. Plus if the engine or transmission or power steering pump (or the a/c, oh the luxury) goes out Ford will pay for it. It's an incredible machine and a great bargain too!!!

Live Free or Die! to quote one great state slogan. If your lucky enough to hold the keys to a Raptor get out there and use it before they close it all down (Mohave Preserve south of Vegas, Turtles north of Vegas) or put GPS speed limiters on everything with a motor. But if you push it hard enough, gas will not be your only expense.
these guys pushed these trucks beyond their limits plain and simple and these claims of regular F-150's frames bending in that spot after towing a boat or driving down the highway loaded up are complete BS. Ive been a member of two leading F-150 forums for 3 years and If that was true I would have heard about it by now. Regular use of a truck does not include bouncing off the bump stops, IF YOUR REGULARLY BOUNCING OFF YOUR BUMP STOPS YOU ARE DRIVING OUTSIDE OF THE CAPABILITY'S OF THE TRUCK, PERIOD!!! If the Raptors were designed to continually bounce off the bump stops they would have been equipped with hydraulic bump stops. The thread started out good for the OP as all the nut huggers hung tight to his side until real facts about the situation surrounding the bent frame emerged and others could see that abuse may in fact been the factor after all. I dont in any way feel that Ford should be responsible for fixing any of these trucks that have clearly been driven beyond there design limits.

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Old 07-12-2011
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wow what a bunch of f*cking d0uche bags
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Old 07-12-2011
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Ok, I wouldn't jump it that hard...that was awesome.
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Old 07-12-2011
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Wow. That guy hit that jump pretty hard. Ford wins this argument.
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Old 07-12-2011
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From another thread on there. ( http://www.fordraptorforum.com/f5/wh...or-frame-3253/ )

Why you should feel good about your Raptor Frame!

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a ton of experience designing shock isolation systems, and I own a 2010 Raptor. There are a few threads about the frame bending that happened on the Raptor Run, and talk of a weak point on the Raptor frame. I did an analysis on the stated conditions: 60 MPH, 18" tall "kicker" or dirt "speed bump" as a cause for this failure.

Below is my line of thought:

Ok, I ran some numbers, and they are eye opening.

The "kicker" or "dirt speed bump" is one Raptor tire diameter accross, and is shaped like two ramps joined together (like a flattened triangle).

Case #1:
Kicker height is 18" (flattened to 12" by your tires)
Truck speed is 60MPH (88 fps)
The bottom of the tire has to move up 12" in .0166 seconds. this is an average speed of 60.24 ft/s
To generate this suspension speed, the truck would have to free fall 56 FEET!!!!! That's an impressive number, but what does it mean?

It means that the truck is recieving an impact equavalent to the first 12" of a 56 FOOT DROP WITH THE SUSPENSION ALREADY HALF COMPRESSED! My best guess is that the suspension acounts for about 6" of that, the tires for maybe another 3-4", the axle for some fraction of an inch, the truck vertical motion for another small fraction of an inch (no time to respond), and the rest? It all goes into deforming the frame by 1"-2".

This also tells me that even if the frame were boxed in that area, or if it was 3 times thicker, it would still bend. Even if the frame was reinfored enough to hold, the next likely point of failure is the axle, which would bend, stranding you.

Case #2:
Kicker Height is 12" (flattened to 9" by the tires)
Truck speed is 45 MPH (66ft/s)
The bottom of the tire has to move up 9" in .0221 seconds, an average speed of 33.94 ft/s vertical.

To generate this suspension speed, the truck would have to free fall about 18 feet! This is a MUCH less severe impact! More importantly, the impact is only 9" long (insert obvious joke here). Additionally the truck may be able to absorb it without requiring metal to deform.

The suspension can absorb 6", the tires their 3", the axle a tiny bit, the truck can move upwards a bit more, and all you probably have is tortured bump stops.

So those of you who have jumped their Raptors (and the most vertical air I've seen is maybe 8-9 feet) and said they don't have bent frames? This is because hitting an 18" kicker at 60MPH is about 7 TIMES as severe. PLUS your suspension is fully extended when you jump, cushioning the fall better, unlike the speed bump example.

Conclusion? If you hit something like a speed bump or "kicker" taller than your available suspension travel, plus tire "squash", at HIGH speed, you will bend metal.

The ONLY way to adress this issue is increase suspension travel to be greator than the intended acceptable "bump". Or god forbid (*sniff), slow down. Reinforcing the frame will either fail to work (bend anyway), or cause something else to fail (like the axle).

Nobody designs trucks to withstand those forces (like the first foot of a 56 foot drop with already compressed suspension), that would be incredibly impractical (and they'd sell one a year at $300k). I do not believe there is a design flaw, I believe that somebody found a situation that exceeds its strength.

I would love to join in the next Raptor Run, jumps are fine, short gullies are fine, just look out for the big kickers when you are burnin' up the dirt!
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Old 07-13-2011
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Those trucks are way overrated to start with. This just proves the point. They are meant to be used, not abused. They are not baja race trucks.
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