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Old 02-22-2016
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2012 Ranger impressions/rant

Bought my Ranger brand new in 2012 and have almost 60K on her. LOVE the truck don't get me wrong but there are lots of quirks I can't figure out. Here are the issues I've experienced so far. Any other 2012 owners experience the same things?

* When I hit the cruise control "On" button, no dash light comes on. ONLY after I hit the on button and THEN hit "set" does it come on. Every car I've ever owned including Fords, all had the cruise light show up once you press the "On" button. Odd

* The non-skid button that supposedly turns off traction control that is down next to the MP3 plug and little cubby hole for storage,...doesn't do jack. I was in the snow the other day, turned off the traction control, gave it hell trying to do a parking lot donut and couldn't get it to spin tires without the engine bogging down and compensating for slippage. WTH is this button for then???

* Windows chatter like a ****** when putting them down. This happened within the first few thousand miles. I've just lived with it.

* The manual tells how to shut off the seatbelt warning signal. I've tried countless times, followed the manual to a "T" and it still doesn't work. My old F150 had the same procedure and it worked fine in turning it off for good. WTF??

We won't mention that the dealer had to pick up my truck with 26 miles,...26, not 260, 2600,..but 26 miles, after I came out of the house and found all the transmission fluid leaked out (LONG STORY).

Just seems like this truck was designed and put together without much thought. I will say though she still runs like a top and have had ZERO mechanical issues (besides the tranny).

Your thoughts??
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Old 02-22-2016
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Traction control and stability control are different but use the same controller.
If you just turn off traction control you can get a second or 2 more of wheel spin but stability control will then kick in.
You need to turn off both, it should be in the Owners Manual, you need to hold the button in, light will come on and then go off, keep holding it until light comes on again.
Now both should be off.
But when you get above around 25-30mph Stability control will come back on, outside of pulling a fuse no way around that.

Usually there is an ON light on the cruise on off button, not sure on 2012, but yes the dash board light will only come on when cruise control is actually operating the throttle.

There were some computer changes in 2011/12, google: 2012 ford disable seat belt minder
I think newer models had to be disable by seat, so you could just disable passenger seat chime

Window issue reads like track is miss adjusted, but on both doors would be a fluke, unless it was never adjusted at factory.
You can try some soap on the tracks, make glass slide smoother

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Old 02-23-2016
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The cruise control just does that. I never figured it really hurt anything.

Power windows do that after you/someone has tried to roll them down when they're frozen/frosted over usually. The motor/regulator might be torn up in it. (Have this problem myself)

They didn't make any 2012 Rangers in the US, but some 2011's were titled as 2012, right?

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Old 02-24-2016
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Why is the cruise control a problem? That is how they programmed them to work.
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