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Old 08-08-2004
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will a 34x10.5x16 factory rim or 35x12.5x15 on 15x8 rim fit on a 04 ranger 4x4 with cranked torsion bars and 3" body lift?? if so how bad will they rub any sugestions? use to own a jeep so i have no idea what to do with this truck
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Old 08-08-2004
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people usually use 33's with a lift, i think you would have to lift, suspension and body..

34's more than likely would fit, but they MIGHT rub, being as thier 10.5 wide, i dont think they should, but im more of a street guy...

I would suggest a rim with more backspacing than stock though...So it wouldnt rub...
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Old 08-09-2004
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ive always wanted to test fit a 35 inch tire with my body lift. maybe i will when im off one day.

stick with 33s. theres no point in going bigger than 33s with a body. it will limit your offroad abilities cause itll stuff the wells too much already.

oh, and why the jump from 34x10.5 tp 35x12.5 why dont you just pick a width then decide height.

maybe 34, but since that isnt a common size, we dont have any in stock for me to try.
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Old 08-09-2004
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Problem between 33's and 35's is 2 problems that I've seen Personally. 1) with 33's you wont have that much of a gear change with the 4.10s but with 35's there will be a dramatic change, and if you don't regear quickly you are looking at problems.
2) the engine. If you are running a 3.0 you would have to do dramatic changes to the engine just to get enough rwhp to push those beasts. Now with 33's there isn't that big of a change. you have enough hp to push them but it is still groggy, If you don't recalibrate i've seen em push up to 97mph on the spedo before the governor takes over. Up to you.
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Old 08-09-2004
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33x10.5 fit with no lift no rubbing. And of course playing with the preload on the torsion bars has no effect on the maximum tire size you can fit on your truck.
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Old 08-09-2004
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either 34's or 35's your gonna have to regear the truck.
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Old 08-10-2004
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I have to agree with Faux on this one. I run the 285/75/r16's (32.8's) on mine right now with the 3.0 and it's a little groggy off the line but once it gets up to speed it tops out at 97mph according to the speedo anyway. I've never had it recalibrated. My buddy has has the same size tires on his 4.0 and his tops out at the same speed.

However I don't agree that ya gotta do dramatic changes to the engine. The 3.0 may be the unfavored here, and I agree I'd rather have the 4.0, but I'm not complaining. It still has a lot of power with the 33's and keeps up just fine without having to romp on the gas.
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Old 08-12-2004
redranger4.0's Avatar
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just ordered a set of these at a phenominal price:

i have the 4.0 with 33x12.5's and i wish i had a v8. or 4.56 gears. when i move up to 36"s next year i will be defident ly moving up to 4.56 's or 4.88's if they fit in my dana 30.

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Old 08-12-2004
flomaster's Avatar
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ok, here is my low down:

00 xlt ext cab
4:56 gears with 33x12.5x15

off the line weak to quite weak. but once im going im good to go.
I have no tac so I have no idea what my rpms are, but on the fwy I like to go around 70-75 so im guessing thats a good 10mph over at least. and mind you thats just cruising speed 5th gear light on the gas.

so I recomend either a 33x12.5 or a 35x12.5 and min of 4:56 gears your 3:73's or even 4:10's will be hurting big time. I know if I had 35's with my 3.slow I'd be in a world of hurt.
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Old 08-15-2004
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There is a guy on TRS that has 35s on a 04 4x4. Muddyrededge is his name I do believe.....
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Old 08-15-2004
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pretty soon i'll be moveing up to 33's with my 2.3 right now with my 31's and current mods i still out run little hondas but when i go 33's i'm gonna regear to 4:56's i think
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