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Old 12-30-2005
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Accident Mod Part 2: The Accident Returns. (Loooong)

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, get ready to be razzled, frazzled, and more awed than you have ever been before!

In the first part, The Red Ranger was on the hunt, looking for anything to quench its thirst to join in on the accident mod crowd. It found its prey in a BMW on that fateful day just over one year ago.

Today, we have the return. Thrilling special effects add to the already intriguing plot line, with split second decisions needing to be made, will the hero make the right ones? Join us as we watch those decisions be made by viewing the release of Accident Mod Part 2: The Accident Returns.

The day is December 30th, 2005, Gearing up for his trip to the state of California, Matt and the Red Ranger are asked to bring his father to the auto repair place, where his dad's car is ready to be picked up. The drive to the auto shop, roughly 10 miles from his house it is an uneventful ride, until traffic on one of the main arteries north of Boston grinds to a halt due to holiday closing of business' and school litter the roads with uncountable numbers of the motoring public. It is suggested to avoid the traffic; the two take a route that Matt's father vaguely remembers from his days of a child.

The ride there goes well, laughs exchanged to the father and son, arriving safely at the shop Matt drops his dad off at the front doors of the service department. To avoid the massive parking lot of Route 128 NB, Matt opts to take the route that his father navigated them through. Effortlessly maneuvering the streets, Matt is having a good time, listening to reasonably good music; he stops before a red light letting people come out from the train station to his right.

The stop lights turn green, but Matt is fearful of this intersection, many a victim has fallen prey to the Accident Mod here before. He proceeds through the first stop light, only to be stopped by the second light, just across the road of the first light. As he inches forward to leave room between him and the car behind him, the young lady in the car grows a sudden urge to experience the accident mod herself. Gently tapping the Red Ranger's rear bumper, the girl’s appetite for the accident mod is quelled for the time being.

Matt attempts to step out of the Ranger, but just as he does, the light that is stopping him turns green, and Matt fears being stopped when the light is green will bring more Accident mods to innocent civilians. He reaches out the window, points to a parking lot yells to the girls to follow him and proceeds to said parking lot. To Matt and the Red Ranger's surprise, the dumb girl is totally oblivious to what she had just done, and continued on her merry way.

Matt stops in the parking lot to assess the damage the beast of the Honda civic had inflicted. Luckily, no noticeable damage has occurred to the Red Ranger's rear end, but an unknown amount of damage has been done to the unsuspecting Honda’s mouth.

What's in store next for Matt and the Red Ranger? No one knows, but he can only hope nothing big.

A souvenir screen shot of the accident scene is included below:

Cliff Notes: some dumb blonde hit me, she drove off, and I hope she needs a new hood.

I have no damage, brought my day down.
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Old 12-30-2005
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nice story lol...

sux about the accident... good thing no damage
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Old 12-30-2005
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i love the art work, tells the entire thing. at least the truck wasnt hurt. as for the girl, i hope her car is done for
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Old 01-01-2006
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Thats why my drop hitch never comes off, many a civic have fallen prey to the 1-1/2" ball.
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Old 01-01-2006
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reminds me of when a dropped s10 rear ended paul's truck at the beach. Not a bit of damage to the ranger, the front end of the s10 was totally f*cked. We were all mad at first but then we saw what happened and started cracking up.. poor crappy truck.
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Old 01-01-2006
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Hey, my name is Matt, and I drive a Red Ranger, and the same thing happened to me... Well almost. Dumb guy in a nissan rearends me, no damage to the Ranger and the front end of the Nissan was F***ed up. Glad to hear there was no damage, I love happy endings!
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Old 01-01-2006
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Yep, ditto.. Had a guy rear end me in his Honda while on my way to work one night... My drop hitch cut his grill in two... Split the radiator in half... sheared his intake, manifold and all the wonderful engine plastic trim in half before resting up against his fire wall(cracking his windshield) directly in front of his face! He deffinitely prob thought he was done for! His front bumper was against my rear axel! Bent a leaf spring and scratched my hitch's highly strong and protective powder coating of rust!
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