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Adam A 02-21-2016 01:42 PM

Firewall Question
Hey All,

I've got an '05 Ford Ranger and I just threw a CB radio into it. I drilled a small whole in one of the pre-existing rubber grommits under the steering wheel (to the right of the steering column, has a bunch of electrical wires running through it) and pulled the power wires and coax cable through.

It's a pretty tight seal around the new cables, but do I have to worry about anything nasty getting into the cab now (exhaust, fumes, etc.)? Is this a real concern, or just a little truck-OCD. I tried to put a silicone seal around it, but I'm not sure it is a perfect seal.

Turned off all the lights in the garage yesterday night and shined a light on the engine side of the firewall. Looked to see if the light was shinning through any holes. Could not see any light in the cab.

Also, I just tried to pour some water over the seal and nothing leaked through. Does that mean it is all sealed?

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