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z3px 10-17-2010 01:25 PM

Good deal
Hello all,
I'm looking to buy my 3rd ranger (other two were traded for other cars for various reasons). I found an older ranger and wanted some advice on this particular one. I haven't driven it yet and I'm not familiar with early/mid 90s rangers.
It's a '93 V6 single cab 5spd with a rebuilt motor (sticker says less than 5k miles). The truck itself has 186k miles. Interior and exterior is in very good condition.
They're wanting $3,000 for it now.
Cavanaugh Motors Product 2 (the teal one listed as $3,500).
I guess my main question is if this year/generation have a decent reputation and if this would be a decent buy. I haven't driven it yet (probably will tomorrow).
Thanks for any advice.

djfllmn 10-17-2010 01:46 PM

looks to be in pretty good cosmetic shape...i would be a little wary of the motor tho...try and get some more info on the motor...i.e where it was rebuilt, who did i,t and is there a warrenty with it?

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