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Old 04-12-2010
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Originally Posted by d0sitmatr View Post
sorry, I didnt mean to imply this was your fault, and I think it a great thing your willing to take responsibility for your actions.
that said, did the other driver at least get cited for leaving the scene ?
in FL, that is an instant citation, plus usually they heap as many other fines on top of it as they can, since the person left the scene, he leaves himself open to citations for pretty much anything the cop can think of (running a light/sign, illegal u-turn, failure to yield to right of way... etc etc) not to mention, anyone else parked on that street (if there was cars parked) can also claim any existing damage. (doubtful they will, but they can)
however, leaving the scene doesnt actually carry an arrest charge unless there was injury or death. maybe this is a good time to start claiming your back has been bothering you...

anyways, its sad to see your truck in such a state, Im with several of the others that I highly admired your truck.
As far as what the other driver recieved, ive heard of nothing at all. Apparently hes already on probation lol and through a few places ive heard him claim that i hit him and that he simply left to go around the corner.....so ya... i really do hope he gets in plenty of trouble, cuz he deserves it. At the same time, like i said earlier...i did get what i deserved for speeding and tailing. I need to learn to get over my extremely bad road rage, cuz its starting to bite me in the @ss....bad.
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Old 04-12-2010
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Icon3 Ummm..........

Originally Posted by rstangboi View Post

Were these taken right after the accident?

So this Blazer hit you & knocked you into the curb and that snapped your LR axle?

I'd say lookin at the pics, you DO have frame damage.....and as far as the guy that hit you that the cops found later, that's IMMEDIATE HIT & RUN violation!!! He couldn't of done that much damage & not had some himself, plus he diffinitly knew he hit you.

Did you take pics of the incident area (skid marks, curb, etc.)?

Get all the info/ammo you need before you go to court to support your claim....I'm in the same kinda situation myself.........I was turnin into the turnin lane up in K-town, and this woman bein impatient due to a train, had traffic bottled up, she cross the double yellow line to go around traffic in an attempt to get where she was goin, but hit me before gettin there, and the cop cited me for "Failure to yield"........she's comin into on-comin traffic, and I'm supposed to anticipate her turnin into "MY LANE".....NOT!

I've got pics, diagrams from witness, and can't wait for May 7th to get here.

I'm gonna "FIRE SOMEBODY UP"!!!
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Old 04-12-2010
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sorry to hear that man,
cops are exreamlly biased here aswell..
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Old 04-12-2010
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Sorry to hear about your truck. After hearing the story and seeing the pictures, I really can't piece how the guy hit you if you were tail gating him.....even with his U-turn.....did you cut him off? Someone needs to make an animated vid of this....LOL

Good luck in court.
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Old 04-12-2010
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ya, all those pics are of the accident. i got more too.
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Old 04-12-2010
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that is total BS that he didnt even get fined for leaving the scene. he must be friends with the popo in that area. and the fact that he is on probation, coupled with leaving the scene, means he should have gone to jail immediately.
Im not sure how it works in CA, but in FL, if your on probation, and you get any form of citation you can be jailed for the remaining term of your probation (not that they will usually go that far for just something like a speeding fine, but it is an option the probation dept can choose)
but leaving the scene is a higher offense than just a speeding fine, it can be felony if the above mentioned had occurred (death/injury) so he should have at least been fined. Id talk to an attorney (and I hate giving this kind of advice) and find out what your options are.
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