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Just bought a ranger, Ive got some questions.

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Just bought a ranger, Ive got some questions.

I just got a 2011 4.0 4x4 ranger with 120k miles, and I have a couple questions about it.

First off, the throttle is kinda hard to push down. About 2x-3x as hard as any other car Ive driven. Makes it really difficult when starting in first gear, as I keep accidentally applying too much or too little throttle since I can't be very precise with the amount of force I am applying. Is that normal, and something I just have to get used to? Or does the throttle cable need to be cleaned/lubricated in some way?

Second question, if I replace the factory speakers will I also need to replace the radio? I am pretty sure I don't need to but just want to make sure.

Third question, what is the proper way to put the car in 4 High or 4 Low? Some cars Ive driven you can switch at any speed, others only low speeds, and one truck I drove you had to put it in reverse and go back a foot or two then go back in gear to go forwards. Just want to make sure I don't mess up my transmission.

Fourth and final question, my parking brake BARELY works. Like it works enough to make me stall if I try to drive but if I am on any incline and try to use it, the truck will just roll unless I put it in gear. I read that this could be caused by a sagging cable, and can be fixed by either tensioning the cable, replacing it, or by making the drum brakes auto adjust by putting the car in reverse and speeding up then hitting the brakes, then repeating that process a couple times. Is the last option true? Or should I just replace the cable?

Other than those four things I love this truck so far. Rowing through the gears is so fun, and hearing that throaty V6 rumble when accelerating is so nice. Can't wait to put an exhaust on it.

I know I can probably find the answers to these questions online but I figured I would ask here as well to see what you guys have to say. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum

Something is wrong in the Throttle cable or linkage, should be the same pressure as any other car or truck, remove throttle cable from the linkage on the engine end and test if cable moves freely, there is no spring on this part cable should easily slide in and out.
Then test if throttle on intake is hard to move, thats where the spring is, maybe previous owner added another spring

If you have Cruise Control its cable is attached to the throttle linkage as well, remove it to see if it may be the issue.

Ford used standard 4 or 8ohm speakers, usually 20-60watt, depending on Sound system used, there were different types, basic and premium
I wouldn't put in 200watt speakers because they will sound bad at lower volumes, 100watt would be OK, not that you need them

Rangers had "shift on the fly" so you can shift from 2WD to 4high at any speed under 55MPH, and also shift back from 4high to 2WD if under 55MPH

4low requires you to be stopped, Speedometer at 0MPH, your foot pushing down on Brake Pedal, and transmission in Neutral, used to be Park or Neutral now I think it must be in Neutral, for automatics.
For manual trans the same as above but instead of Neutral the clutch pedal must be pushed down to the floor, so feet on brake and clutch, then shift to 4low

E-brakes do adjust when backing up and stopping, if using the regular brake pedal to stop, but you can also hold out the E-brake release handle and just pump the E-brake pedal until it tightens up
If it doesn't tighten up then either shoes are worn down so no adjustment left or yes, there is a cable issue

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