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Old 04-29-2006
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My letter to Ford.

This is to alert Ford that there STILL is a transmission problem with my truck. The problem is an electrical short. The dealership after, 7 attempts, has concluded that there is no prblem, however, unless u drive the vehical that you are working on, knowing what its supposed to do, and detecting this issue, is a bit difficult. I have drivin other rangers, both new, and friends rangers, none of them act up the way mine does, which is slight to moderate "bucking" when really wet outside. However, since going to the dealership has proved pointless regarding this issue, I have since taken the matter into my own hands and have pretty much fixed the problem to 95% fixed. Again, though, I see the dealers point, they cant "see" the problem so if they cant see it, then there is no problem. This is SOO annoying. however, since I have fiddled with it by some what water proofing the connectors, the problem has pretty much gone away, but not 100%.

What I should have done is filed this sucker under NYS Lemon law. it took 4 dealer tries to find the problem, and 3 tries to attempt to fix it, and its still not fixed. compound this by the OTHER problems I have had with the truck, and its like, DAMN. heres this list of issues thus far:

driverside pwr window malfunction(fixed), truck stalling (fixed) , transmission slipage (fixed - by the way, that additive CAUSED the truck to stall), one wheel is begining to carrode around the center cap, corroding from the inside out. truck only has 26K miles and no other wheel has this corrosion, leather steering wheel shrinkage, rough starting. driverside door lock - unlock doesnt work. ABS, where to begin with the ABS? the truck simply will not stop with ABS engaged. personally i feel as the the ABS in my ranger is a death trap feature. the truck stops better with no abs than WITH abs. and with it engaged, i can STILL lock the wheels. seats stain with ordinary water. rough idle (fixed) transmission "bucking" (95% fixed thanks to me) thats all I can think of off the top of my head, and yet friends and family ask me WHY I didnt submit this truck under the lemon law..... So I put this question to you, What should I do, besides "take it to your local ford dealer to be told im dilusional"?
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Old 04-29-2006
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Dang Man, That's ridiculous. I would have sent my truck back under the lemon law had it been under the right amount of time. I have had an absurd amount of problems with my transmission and they told me there was nothing wrong with it, then I bring it in a few months later and the find it(this happened two or three times).
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Old 04-29-2006
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I can tell you from experience, Ford won't do **** about it. My brakes failed (a master cylinder failure), and even though the dealership KNEW the problem existed, they couldn't prove it, so even under the lemon law and having my truck in the shop for this stupid problem, Ford REFUSED to do a damn thing. Now I'm having issues with my back window, and again, Ford doesn't give a damn.

Good luck, though!!!!! I truely hope you have better luck than I did!!
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Old 04-29-2006
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Thats worse than the Recall letter I got from them a few months ago, it was for my 88 ranger ignition module. A little late on that I replaced it 4 years ago, sold it 2 years ago.
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Old 04-29-2006
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man i would have already traded it in for another ranger, you should also have a different dealer look at yoru problem
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Old 04-30-2006
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I thought my truck was bad for problems.

I feel sorry for ya
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Old 04-30-2006
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Some of you guys have bad luck with Rangers. I really don't get it because the ones in my family have all been so good.

Between my parents and I, we have had three Rangers over the last 20 years.
-1986 Ranger (parents used it as a farm beater for several years, kept it when we left the farm) - needed an ignition switch and a new other problems.
-2001 Ranger (mine, former fleet truck) - broken tailgate handle, bad nylon nuts for 3rd brake light (partly my fault, I think I overtightened the screws, but it is a bad design), one tailgate cable broke (the insulation was damaged though which allowed water to get in).
-2002 Ranger - screeching idler pulley which was replaced under warranty 2 years ago (hasn't made any noise since), no other issues.

The '86 and '01 were/are used very hard...basically they have both done stuff better left to a fullsize. The '02 hasn't been used as hard, but my parents are bad about not doing maintenence on it. Either we are very lucky or some of you guys are very unlucky.
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Old 04-30-2006
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in my experience... the best mechanic i know is myself. not that i know that much, but i DO know exactly what the car is doing and how it is driving. and id rather KNOW that the job is getting done right rather than trusting that is was. i almost never take my truck to a mechanic anymore.
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