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Old 09-09-2009
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Save your money. Who knows after college the mustang and ranger will be better then what they are now, then decide which one to get.
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Old 09-09-2009
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Originally Posted by Sixt9coug View Post
Just because the engine is smaller, doesnt mean its gonna be weak.
x2. Ford is triming the mustang as much as possible and I'm noticing every editor of a magazine is saying that the Mustang doesn't feel "fat" like the Camaro or Challenger. Only thing holding back mustangs are the 4.0 and 4.6.

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Old 09-09-2009
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Keep the old truck... you can rebuild the whole stinkin' truck for less than a new one... and honestly I've had a handful of headaches with the "upgrades" on the newer trucks so I stick to the old one...
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Old 09-09-2009
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Originally Posted by wyldechild View Post
So are in college already or in high school?

If I could go back to 18 years old, with the knowledge I have now, I would save every damn dime I could for college and not worry about the car I drive until after.

You know what sucks? Being 50k in debt after college, and having to pay 300+ payments each month for the next at least 20 years. If I had no college loans to pay back right now, i'd be driving a brand new Ranger or Mustang.

If someone else is paying for you college, and you don't have to worry about debt, save your money anyway. Put every damn dime you can away in a savings account until you get out of college in 4-5 years. Maybe you will have enough saved up to pay for over half of a Brand new Mustang or put a good down payment on a house.

However, I know you're 18 and you will probably not truly understand what I mean by all of this until you are in my shoes. But maybe you will. Its hard to fight urges to go out and blow money...i'm still battling. Shiny new things are nice, but after awhile writing that check every month in order to keep the shiny new thing gets to be a pain in the ***.
Excellent advice! This is exactly why I can afford to drive around a brand new Ranger. Do you know how hard it will be if you have a car payment and loan payment when you come out of college? The key is to not get ahead of yourself, wait until you can truly afford it.
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Old 09-09-2009
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Originally Posted by KLC View Post
wait until you can truly afford it.
Pshhh... but thats not the American way!!
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Old 09-09-2009
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If you are thinking about a Mustang, wait till next year. New engines are going to be brought out.

The 4.0 in the mustang will be replaced with the Duratec 37. (the 3.7L V6 from the '09 Lincoln MKS). in the MKS, it makes 273hp, but is rumored for more in the stang.

it appears I was beaten, I should have read the rest of the posts. :p
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Old 09-10-2009
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you all make great points, i should just use the money to go to school, and when i get out and get some real money, ill buy a GT. its probably better that i keep the older truck too cause they tend to have more problems, and that way i can learn about vehicles and how they work and how to maintain and fix them. plus a 315 minimum HP sounds like a good thing to wait a few years for.
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Old 09-13-2009
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i say keep what you've got.
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Old 09-13-2009
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Just wait and get a classic mustang ('64-'66) and drop a 408 in it and **** your pants every time you drive it.
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Old 09-13-2009
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Originally Posted by whippersnapper02 View Post
Don't get either. They suck.
I'm hoping your just saying the v6 stang sucks there christian. Because if you say the gt sucks you aren't very bright It has a 5 year old platform already and its still better then the camaro and challenger in performance. Not to mention it cost a good bit less.

On another note the v6 isn't that bad. Not everyone is looking for a high performance car. I've had a v6/5spd stang and it was the old 3.8. It had plenty of pep for a daily and it still got decent mpg and still looked good.
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Old 09-14-2009
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Originally Posted by cchsbuzz19 View Post
keep your current ranger. Save up and get the GT don't settle for the V6. I was in the same mindset you are right now when I was in highschool ready to graduate. I really wanted something different but then realized its way cheaper to mod the ranger than to get an 03 or 04 cobra (thats what I wanted) and have crazy monthly payments and really expensive insurance. When I graduate from college thats when I'll be getting what I want. just wait for what you really want.
i just graduated to, and am actually in a similar situation only im fully employed so the V8 is an option for me. only i cant decide between a chevy 1500 or like an 07 mustang 5speed.

1 more thing to look at is gas dosent a mustang do alil better on gas then the ranger? even if it is a V8?
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Old 09-14-2009
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i think u should keep your ranger, and if you have the urge to get a mustang, get an older one (95-04) thats affordable...if something breaks on the one, you will have the other and both will still be cheaper than a new car. the older GT may not be as fast as the brand new ones but you can afford to mod it especially if your ranger is paid off.
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