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Old 06-15-2008
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Originally Posted by HAZZARDJOHN View Post
So a guy at a ford dealership is pre selling a truck that not only hasn't had more than a conceptual drawing and hasn't even been officially announced and you think it is already in production and will be out in august? Wow, I have a Bridge in San Fransisco I would love to sell you!
John while your at it Ill throw in my pristine ocean front property in Arazona that George Straight has been trying to sell for me . Could help it .

Here is my Take the plant is closing in 09 I dont think you will see any 09 rangers . My guess by looking at local stock , is right now dealers are selling on order bassis , and if you see any 09s it will be the same story .

I dont see the The replacement hiting market till late 2010 if that quick .

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Old 06-16-2008
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I don't know about the Ranger, but I can confirm that Ford is producing 1,000 2009 B-series trucks next year for Mazda. When I got my B4000 two weeks ago, I saw the list of trucks my dealership was getting for 2009...they already had them ordered and specified.

I was told by the sales manager that it was going to be a limited run of 1,000 B-series trucks mostly destined for Texas. They still sell quite a few Mazdas down here.

The plant is closing in 2009 and no one is going to stop it despite everyone's best efforts to save the plant. The Way Forward is forward, not backward. The plant is for sale right now and there are several buyers looking at it but none of them are going to keep it a car plant. The on-site hydroelectric plant was already sold to a Canadian outfit called Brookfield Renewable Power.

The Ranger we know now will be discontinued after the plant closes. Ford is not going to retool another plant to build an old model. They don't have the money to waste. There are many scenarios but Ford's got nothing in development to be a direct replacement to the Ranger of today, so whatever happens is anyone's guess but them retooling another plant to keep this old Ranger going makes no business sense. Perhaps the Mazda-built international Ranger could be the replacement. It's already in existence and is a great truck. They could build it at AutoAlliance (Ford/Mazda venture) in the US or import them from another country (they're produced in several). Or this rumored F100 could come to fruition (which would mean a bigger truck more like the Dakota or Colorado) and be built alongside the F150 in Dearborn...they sure could use the work up there...the plant is half-closed from poor truck sales.

I've gotten decent information on the issue by following Senator Norm Coleman's well-documented quest to keep the plant open through the news and his web site. You can just google "Norm Coleman" and Ford and it will show you lots of info. This is really just posturing and making noise because he knows the plant is closing but he's got to at least appear like he's fighting for his constituents.
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Old 06-16-2008
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The F-100 is expected to be just under 9/10ths the size of the 2009 F-150 - a form factor that the 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra was roundly

i dont see the point, either its a fullsize or not...not this 9/10th size bull****. if i want a fullsize id buyone, if i want a smaller truck id buy one...not almost but not quite there...its like having a hot wife thats a midget...
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Old 06-16-2008
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I just got through buying a new truck and, to be honest, the Ranger/B-series is literally the last truly compact pickup left. I agree that it will suck having it go away and that pain would be made even worse by them replacing it with a dramatically larger truck. The reason I like these trucks is primarily their size and light weight.
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