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Old 11-19-2008
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Winter Park Police Department?
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Old 11-19-2008
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Well here is my truck and it's brother from another mother in the garage at work.

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Old 11-21-2008
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I've been seeing a few new Explorers in these parts but they appear to be upper level officers not regular patrols. They used to use Durangos but gave up on them after a poor track record and many trans failures.
They demoed a few Dodges and had rear axle issues and as far as I heard dropped any pending orders. They are still running Crown Vics but I suppose we'll start seeing some Grand Marquis patrol cars soon now that the CV is gone.
Several local police departments are running Impalas but they just don't last and have all sorts of transmission issues and don't even think about any off road use.
I worked at a dealer that serviced four local department's vehicles for years, we worked on all makes but sold Ford products up front. The best ones were the last of the Caprices and the last generation of Crown Vics.
I've seen some pretty nasty things done to the Crown Vics and they keep going. The last Caprices were pretty tough as well, especially body wise. I fixed one that crashed through a guardrail at speed in pursuit and kept going. Nothing but superficial body damage.

The worst CV I had to deal with had all of it's body mounts sheared as the car jumped a railroad crossing and came down so hard it drove the frame rail ends into the asphalt. That car drove in for repair although it had sheared off nearly all of it's brake lines, had no brakes, and the cooling fan had been stuffed back into the engine. (It was an out of town officer not familiar with the steep crossing). If it were one of these new Impalas, it would have been headed for the crusher not the shop for repairs. I saw a lot of the earlier Impalas also with front axle failures, mostly from rural roads and dirt path driving. Most local departments have dropped them in favor of the CV again.

The ones I really like are the unmarked interceptor Crown Vics, they come with a black grill, hidden lights, and some odd ball colors. You can pic them out a mile away. Its still better than years ago when they used to just grab what ever was cheap here, I remember a few 3.8L Caprices around here and some off the lot Crown Vics back when the had the VV carbs in the 5.8L Crown Vics. They got tired of dealing with carb issues and went with the more reliable 5.0L plain old Crown Vics. Those used to eat brakes and rotors and had all sorts of electrical issues from all the added equipment and lack of amperage to feed it all.
The state police run a few Suburbans yet, and a few Durangos too, but most are CV interceptors.
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Old 11-21-2008
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it's too bad that ford is stopping the crown vic as a fleet car. agencies love them due to the size and their good history. my buddy is a cop on a rez and has a tahoe with the pursuit package. he likes it. he's also got a (or had) a explorer. he tells me when he writes off a car after a pursuit and has written off a couple of vics. his partner and him were in this one chase and after the guy was caught and his and his partners' cars were banged up. he was saying "shake and bake" alot.
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