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Old 09-12-2014
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HaHa. Some good points have been made. I see a lot of people don't want it to come back. I do. I do not want to pay over 30k for a truck.
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Old 09-12-2014
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I wouldn't buy one either, but I'd like to see it come back.

I hope that Ford is learning a lot from these new generation vehicles and can reintroduce something to satisfy the Ranger loyalists
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Old 09-12-2014
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Originally Posted by BigEdge126 View Post
HaHa. Some good points have been made. I see a lot of people don't want it to come back. I do. I do not want to pay over 30k for a truck.
Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing it come back. I just don't believe that ford thinks it would make economical sense.
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Old 09-13-2014
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Originally Posted by 06FordFX4 View Post
Really, I'm wrong? Ok so I can go to my dealership and buy a 2014 ranger? Cool!
You should cut the attitude.

Here is one point you are wrong. You're saying that there has to be a current 2014 N/A Ranger in order to make any price estimations of what the next one should cost. And because I made a price estimate on a next Ranger, you're implying that I somewhere said there is a current N/A Ranger.

Not only I never said there is a current Ranger in production, I used other trucks in the market (including the last years of the old Ranger) to form my estimate of what I think the new one may sell for.

Why does this thread exist if there's already a new ranger?
See above.

Yes, 20 grand for a base model ranger makes sense. 30 grand for a fully loaded one does not like your original post said.
1.) Originally, you said that I was comparing $20k base to a $44k F-150. For the record, I see you have rescinded that statement.

2.) I'm glad we agree on a potential base price.

3.) You are however wrong again. I never listed $30k for a loaded Ranger in my original post.

Base model f150 can be had for 20 grand as well. Which proves the point the price difference between mid size and full size makes it stupid to bother selling a mid size.
I can't find a new 150 XL for $20k, and no XL's in my area for less than $26k. You can deal down and add rebates to either truck, and I'd think dealers aren't going to be as flexible dealing on a base stripper model, since I doubt they'd be making much on a stripper 150 or Ranger. I think Toyota's done all right selling their mid-size, which is probably what I'll be forced to.

I realize this thread's been pretty much played out, so I'm done. Just wanted to correct the case.
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Old 09-24-2014
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No matter how you look at it it will be impractical for ford to put anything out in the near future. Be it a euro carry over, or a complete retooling of what we have now, the truck will have to be basically built from the ground up again. The things that make the Ranger so endearing to us; the dinosaur brake system, the simple handling, the ease of self repair, the minimal change between years... thats all stuff that the market hates now. Not to even mention the fact that the entire drivetrain will have to be changed. How can you sell a truck that's half the size of a full size, yet gets a sizeable amount less fuel economy? Unfortunatly I don't see the odds stacked well for the Ranger, atleast in this configuration, in the near future. Esp if you consider the risk Ford is taking with the AL body for the F series. Maybe in ten years if Ford comes up with a nice diesel option that wont cost $5k as an option, or maybe even a hybrid option the ranger could come back. But as of now, too much work, too much capital, and sadly not for enough gain.
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Old 10-07-2014
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Keep Ranger a small truck

I stopped at a Stealership the other day for parts. I inquired about Ford bringing
back the Ranger and the salesman promptly told me. "Why would they build a small truck when they have the #1 selling full size truck in the world". I don't want a full size truck and I don't want to buy a Nissan.
Ford has always had some of the best first generation models of new cars but seem to screw it up by making the next generation larger (Mustang, Fairlane, Explorer, Escape). Even the great F150 you need a ladder to use the bed.
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