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BubbaPat 07-24-2014 01:15 PM

Where are the tie down spots?
Howdy all!
I'm helping a friend who recently got herself a 2002 Ranger with bed liner. I DON'T see standard tie down spots. Could they be beneath the bed liner?
I know I sound like an idiot but I thought there should be 4 spots on top of the bed. I'm really not wanting to rip out the bed liner but I will if I have to.

sheltonfilms 07-24-2014 09:13 PM

Should have 4, 2 on each BEDSIDE.

Like 3 inches from front and 3 from back.

What brand bedliner? If it doesn't say "Ford" real big on the side up against the cab then it may not have pre cut holes as it is not a factory, port, or dealer installed option.

I would drop the tailgate and pry one of the corners at the rear back and look/probe with your hand.

ranger216 07-27-2014 06:07 PM

Many aftermarket bedliners don't come predrilled. Mine did not. I measured and cut holes where the tie downs are.

momule 07-29-2014 12:54 AM

Yank the liner....your "friend" will think you're a hero for doing such a manly thing when us guys know the liners just slide out and don't weigh anything. Whatever you do, do it right cuz heroes turn into dumbasses pretty damn quick when something goes wrong.

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