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Old 08-22-2006
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bumper mounted lights

Was looking to mount two off road or driving lights to my bumper. I wanna get some flat iron, bend it, and then bolt the lights onto those, instead of the direct bumper, but also saw some guys did do direct bumper, or so it looks. which would be better? and where do i wire them into? can i do it to my foglights, they don't work, but could i wire them in, so i can use the already existing switch?
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Old 08-22-2006
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If that wiring won't handle it, use a relay off that wire using power directly from your battery. Just remember fuse everything and use the right gauge wire!
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Old 08-23-2006
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I wired my OEM fog light power wire to turn on a relay to power auxiliary lights. The stock wiring is fairly small and I was too worried.
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Old 08-24-2006
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How I did it.

OK, here’s how I did it.
What you need:
1. the lights (mounted on the truck)
2. a tool to crimp the wire connectors together (in pic, under the number 2)
3. 14 gauge wire (also in pic)
4. a special wire connector to allow you to “piggyback” a power source from your fuse box (see pic under the number 1). Be sure you get the “micro” kind, the one in the pic is the regular size (accidentally bought the wrong one the first time, they look exactly the same).
5. connectors (see pic above the number three). First connector will allow you to attach wire to relay, second connector will allow you to attach two wires together, third will allow you to attach a wire to an existing wire running (i.e. allow you to attach two wires together), last connector will allow you to attach the wire to a ground source (a bolt connected to the frame/metal of the car).
6. Under number four in the pic, this stuff I bought at Walmart. It is “liquid electrical tape”. I coated the connectors with this to make it water tight and not allow water to cause any shorts in the wiring.
7. A relay, 30 amp, with four prongs (looks like a black one inch cube with four metal prongs sticking out, and a plastic tab with a hole in it to allow you to mount it with a screw). Not in picture.
8. a 30 amp fuse with the housing/ wire (comes in a package), not in picture.

First, disconnect the negative cable of the car battery and leave off.
Second. Mount the lights (I’ll leave this up to you).
Third. Connect a wire to the negative wires of both fog lights, then connect this wire to a ground source (a screw/ bolt connected to metal).
Fourth. Find a place to mount the relay (in the engine compartment, I placed mine near my battery). It should be a place that is dry. I found a bolt next to my battery. Don’t bolt it up yet. You just need to know where it goes so you can cut the correct length of wire.

The relay will be labeled with numbers indicating which prong is which. It is either labeled on the relay itself or on the packaging.

Connect a wire from the positive terminal of you car battery (I’ll let you decide how to do this) and run this wire to the relay. On this same wire, you will need to run the 30 amp fuse before you connect it to the relay. This wire will eventually connect to the relay on the prong numbered 30.

From the fog lights, you will run one wire from the power cable (usually white) of both lights and run this wire to the relay. This wire will connect to the relay prong numbered 87.

Find another ground source near the relay. You will run a wire from this ground source to the relay and connect it to the prong numbered 85.

Last wire you are going to run will be from the fuse box inside the cab of the truck, through the firewall into the engine compartment, and eventually to the relay itself. This wire will connect to the relay prong numbered 86.

Mount the relay.

In the cab, at the fuse box, find the fuse for the headlights (there is one for the left and one for the right headlight; on my 98 Ranger, the 10 amp fuse numbered 4 is the one for the left headlamp). You will pull this 10 amp fuse out, then connect this same fuse into that special connector in the picture. This connector also comes with a 10 amp fuse itself, and this fuse will also need to be connected into this connector. Then connect this connector into the fuse space numbered 4 (exactly the space where you pulled the original 10 amp fuse out). Connect the wire to this special connector that you ran from the relay.

Reconnect the car battery’s negative cable. Turn on the truck. Turn on your headlights. Your new fog lights should turn on as well.

If you got any questions, just ask. No question is stupid. Hope this helps.

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Old 08-24-2006
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pic of results

I bought my "light tabs" from underdog-performance, two bent metal pieces predrilled. Website also had how to mount instructions with pics.

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