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Old 11-24-2013
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Coolant Overflowing when Gas Pedal Released

So about a month ago after driving home got out and all of a sudden heard a waterfall coming from under my truck. Looked and coolant had leaked out. It was a nasty rusty brown colour.

Flushed the rad, etc and made sure the water was clear. Also used a rad flush product. Then filled it back up with 50/50.

Everything seemed good till a couple days ago when driving on the highway got a "check gage" as the coolant temp gauge hit red and then went back down just as fast. The heat then cut out and only came back on about 5 minutes later.

Changed the rad cap and "burped" the rad as the top hose was collapsed/flat.

When burping the coolant was a tad bit frothy and was once again rusty brown. Also whenever I would let the gas off from having rev'ed the engine the coolant would overflow from the top of the rad (literally boiling out). I could get it to go back down by rev'ing again.

Have no idea what might be wrong. I'd replace the thermostat but stripped a bolt and it's stuck solid even after trying stripped bolt remover, etc.

Did a search, but didn't find anything to help.

Any thoughts so I can drive without worry and with heat?!

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Old 11-24-2013
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what does the oil look like
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Old 11-24-2013
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Right now it's clearish. A bit dark, but I just changed it. Tends to go black fairly fast though and gets a pint-quart low a month or so.
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Old 12-01-2013
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you have a blown head gasket that is leaking cylinder pressure into the coolant system
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Old 12-01-2013
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my truck did the same thing and the over flow hose that goes to the over flow tank was clogged. I took it off blow it out no more leak. so if its leakin around the rad cap that mite be it
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Old 12-02-2013
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If its turning rusty that fast id say the water pump is shot or thermostat rusted shut and not allowing the coolant to move as needed id check there first before anything else it may be a head gasket but if its not blowing white smoke i doubt it. But if left unchecked in that condition the head gaskets will be next did a taurus with the same problem lady did that and then drove it back to my shop 200 miles from Alabama and it was to late by then.
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