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Old 09-28-2005
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Nice, but I bet it's not as loud as mine...
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Old 11-01-2006
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I just picked up a Perma-cool...! 9114 The "guy" at summit racing recomended it. I did get the mounting straps for off road trucks so i do not have to use the through core mounts.so thats what i got. It looks pretty cool and I can't wait to install it. BUT, I am not sure how to wire it. My "installation giude" stinks. the one page thing. The diagram shows one relay. the kit i got came with a double relay.. I am kinda confused on how to wire the hole project.. Can any one help?
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Old 11-02-2006
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I'll have to dig through some stuff at home but I installed the BlackMagic fan in 2005 and it's been performing flawlessly ever since.

I can attest to several things others have said so far.

1) Get a whole SET of fan tools, to ensure you have the right one to remove stock fan.

2) Unbolt everything and anything thats in your way, including the intake snorkel, it will make life much easier.

3) If you have a front skid-plate REMOVE IT, you have to anyways unless you're Stretch Armstrong.

4) When wiring, take your time and run one wire at a time, before you know it you'll be all done.
4a) Even though you may have multiple relays, outlets, connections you won't necessarily use them ALL, there may be some left "blank" as was the case with my install.

5) Get 5/8" wire loom, as Rand wanted to do and tuck everything up all nice, Cable Ties are your FRIEND, get 4-6" Black ties and use them, tie everything up nice and make sure its out of the way of rotating blades and belts.

6) Depending on the model of fan, you might have 8-10" threaded rods that screw into the fan bracket, which in turn holds the mounting bracket to the radiator. I put one end of the rod into my cordless drill and "screwed" it into the fan bracket/housing...saved me about 1 hour of manually tightening the rods and chewed up fingers!

I'll try to post some pictures of my install as I said, I mounted my fan inside my factory shroud. I just drilled 2 holes at the top and 2 at the bottom and basically bolted it in the middle of the factory shroud, it looks great and provides additional air-direction for cooling (I think)
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Old 11-02-2006
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Old 11-05-2006
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With regaurds to my last post: I ended up taking the fan I got back to summit racing. The one I got first was 14" (I thought it would be to small) So I got a 16" insted. Also that double relay i was talking about, I took it back to. It turns out that was for the double fan set up. So Now I am finnaly armed with the right things to do my install.

The Install: I started out on Friday evening. I got the whole radiator
drained and out. Every thing was taken out including the airbox to make more room. So i was all ready to go up to auto zone on sat and pick up the "Fan tools". Saterday morning came and I headed out. I returned home and began to TRY to remove the fan. Thats when my tourture all began. It took me halgh the day just to figure out how to use the "fan holder" the right way. I finaly figure it out and go to put the wrench on to turn the bolt off and of course the wrench is to big.They gave me the 40mm. Sevril more hours past and still did not get the fan off. I tryied everything. I even went back to auto zone and got a the only other fan wrench they had, the a 36mm. I thought i was in bussiness untill i put it on and found out it was also to big. I think it takes about a 34mm. So finnaly at about 10pm my friend came over and brought some more tools i did not have. So finnaly we got out the big pair of channel locks, My friend squeezed then as tight as he could and I turned them to left with a pipe on the end and what do you know !! The Fan finnaly broke loose!. After a hole day of tring every rig in the book and huge amounts yelling and frustration we finnaly got it. The rest is down hill from here.
I finnaly have the hole fan installed and looks great. I took my time wireing it up. It actuly took me all day. I used the Purple wire behind the A/c switch. And i think i hooked everything else up right? At first i just ran the 12v wire to the battery. it worked good once my truck heated up. Then i went to turn it off. The fan was still running. I guess it would have shut off when it cooled down but, i think it would have killed the battery first. So I re figured... I ended up hooking the 12v wire up to the "red w/ green stripe" that in the the main harness under the fuse/relay box. The wire goes to the fuse box in the dash board (Fuse #19) it is one of the pcm lines. So now when the truck is hot and I shut the key off it also shuts the fan off. So, N-e-ways if any one read all of this and knows what I am talking about. I was wondering if this was ok... Or is there a better place i should have put the 12v?\

Also in the prosess: I "Moded" the air box and dropted in a K&N.I hope that helps as well. I guess only time will tell... But the good news is that with the e-fan and the K&N my truck will now burn out 33's. By the way, my truck is a 4.0 ( Sorry for all the bad spelling. I am one of the worst spellers,o-and my typing skills and not to hot either..o-well.... Take care every one... P.S.. I have good pictures.. I am just not sure how to post them..

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Old 11-06-2006
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That's funny! I spent quite a while trying to remove the old fan too. Glad I am not the only one.
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