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Old 07-11-2014
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GEM Module

Hello all. New to fixing my own ride (2001 4.0 4x4). Apparently I have a bad GEM Module. Symptoms (that I am aware of) are as follows: originally lost speedometer, airbags (according to dash light), and wipers. Checked fuse #26 and it was blown. Changed fuse #26 and it popped immediately upon installing with engine off and keys in my pocket. I assumed there was a short somewhere. Took it to car-fixer guy. he looked at it for a while (charged me for 2 hours labor, too) and said GEM Module is no good. When I got my Ranger back, #26 fuse is fine, speedometer was working, airbags seemed to be turned on again but no wipers and I also noticed door chime is not working either. I did not notice chime before I took it to shop. I have checked other fuses and all are fine. I only really care about the wipers. It sometimes rains.

I cannot find on interwebs where to find this Module (one said under dash and won't have to remove dash and another said must remove radio and fish around in that hole). Car-fixer guy said part is around $400 that he cannot get soon and about 2hours labor.

I have several questions, with potential follow-up questions:
1. Is it possible to replace this part with one from scrapped Ranger?
2. If yes, can GEM Module from different model year work? If yes, which model years can I use?
3. If yes to #1 and 2, will I need any special tool to remove/install?
4. Where is that darn thing in my truck?

Any criticisms/advice/suggestions/etc. will be welcomed.

Thanks for the help on this one.
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Old 07-11-2014
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It's behind your radio to the left.

I'm unaware of compatibilty issues but assuming same engine/trans combo 01-03 should work just fine.

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Old 07-12-2014
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You must match the following two variables:

Power windws/no power windows.

Revs/mile maybe programmed different on the vehicle you remove it from so your speedometer could read faster or slower once replace.
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Old 05-20-2017
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I hate to dig up an old thread but this one pertains to my exact question, so I thought I'd just add it here.

After days of testing for a parasitic drain, I've come to the conclusion that my GEM module is defective. I have a parts truck.

My truck is a 2001 standard cab, 4.0 sohc, 4x4, automatic.
My parts truck is a 2002 extended cab 4.0, 4x4, manual shift.

Anyone know of these two GEM modules interchange with the transmission differences?

GB :)
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Old 05-21-2017
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Rangers, and most Fords, got a Battery Saver Relay in the mid-1990's

So checking for parasitic drain, requires a different approach than earlier vehicles

But yes, those GEMs should be interchangeable

GEM just interfaces with body electrics, so no engine or trans interface
wipers, power windows, door locks, keyless entry(RAP), lights(in and out)
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Old 05-22-2017
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Thanks for the info Ron. I got the problem solved. I replaced the GEM with a spare I had in a parts truck, and I removed and re-installed the battery saver relay, and the problem went away, for now.

I'm calling that a win!

Next project, modifying my battery tray to accept the group 65 battery I just bought.

GB :)
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