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bakergh 08-14-2013 03:09 PM

Indicator lights dead / alternator not charging battery.
On my 2005 2wd 2.3 Ranger
The gauges and most indicator lights in my cluster died a week or so ago, their death was intermittent and I noticed that when the gauges were dead my my alternator stopped charging the battery. I replaced the battery and alternator, just because it was easy to do and both were under warranty. I threw in a better ground for good measure. And of course checked the fuses and replaced any that had to do with the cluster or charging system. I also swapped out a different instrument cluster for good measure to see if it was the cluster. The cluster back-lights work, as does the airbag indicator and the high beams indicator. None of the other lights work, however. Same issue on the new cluster as well (even with a fully charged battery).

I have wiring diagrams from the Haynes Manual and have checked continuity on the wires to the cluster. The diagram indicates there should be a 7.5 amp fuse in the circuit that includes the cluster indicator, but there are no 7.5 amp fuses in wither fuse box associated with the cluster. Is there a third fuse box / should I be looking for an inline fuse? Any other ideas or leads that might help me track down my issue?

Any ideas or help is appreciated.

KennyNomadic 10-15-2016 06:44 PM

Wish I could help,
new alt, batt in my 3.0
gauge says good ,but not charging.
Thinking my engine Ground or the new fusable link off starter.
Good luck with yours

bakergh 10-15-2016 06:50 PM

I figured it out. It was a loose fuse, which I just added a bit of solder to and it's worked perfectly for over a year now. I can't remember which fuse it was off the top of my head but if you're interested I'll look it up. I can't believe it took me so long to figure this one out.

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