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Old 03-24-2014
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Keyless Entry & Push-to-start

Hi all,
Bought a 2010 4.0, stick shift, and although I've always thought push-button starters were silly, I'm considering putting one in. I wonder if I could install a Mazda factory smart-start system. Seen it in some of their cars, where drivers don't have to get the key out of their pocket to unlock or start the car. How tough would it be to set this up on my truck?
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Old 03-24-2014
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It would be very hard to use a factory system as it gets readings from a lot of different sensors i have seen a few reliable ones on ebay they are completely aftermarket you just slide the chip in your wallet it looks like a credit card and the push button functions exactly like the new style one press accessory one press with foot on brake starts the car and some even have the feature to where when you stand next to the door it unlocks.
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Old 03-25-2014
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My Passet has the key in pocket feature but as said it reads a lot of things before starting the car.
One touch with key in pocket unlocks the doors.

IF you can find an aftermarket kit you would be better off but I have never heard of one.

Another thing, although Ford owns a lot of Mazda and there are similar models, Mazda only products have a lot of differences from Ford. So first you need a Ford product made by Mazda, then there has to be a similar Ford product, then you need to compare every wire hookup and sensor in the auto-start system. Now all you need to do is hook up all of the sensors and computer interfaces and there you have it...

Finding an after market system for a Ranger, even that isn't easy anymore.

Luck on your project, post if you find something, this might be something some of the other Ranger owner are thinking on too !
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Old 03-25-2014
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RFID GSM Proximity Sensing Keyless Push Button Smart Phone Start System | eBay Check this out its a high end model with all the extras but they do sell some with just push button start.
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Old 03-25-2014
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Push button start shouldn't be a problem.

Turning the key to START is the same as pushing a button, momentary contact in ignition switch under the steering column, easy to add that.

Issues in the other parts of the system are the problem.
Locking steering wheel is the first issue
You going to leave this unlocked?

There are PATS by-pass modules used for remote starters, look at idatalink.

Manual trans is another bump, clutch pedal needs to be in, but assuming you won't want to start engine remotely that isn't an issue.

You could use relays on the ignition switch wiring to turn on and off ignition just like turning key does, activated by keyless entry.

So you leave key switch in RUN position all the time, no locked steering wheel, ignition switch is enabled and disabled by relay, activated and deactivated by key fob
Button on dash takes place of ignition switch momentary contact.

If you just left the key in the key switch(in RUN position) you wouldn't need the PATS by-pass, but I would imagine your insurance company would take a dim view of that even though ignition is disabled via the relay.
Although most thieves would think it has to be a bait vehicle so would walk away, lol
"Key in the dumb do they think I am?"

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