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Old 12-23-2009
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Originally Posted by --weezl-- View Post
no, our trucks have independant front suspension...

i would put $20 on the fact that your braking problem lies in your right front brakes, and almost certain that it is a caliper problem, like people have said above, either sticking or slide pin, it could also be a pinched brake line though... to test the caliper, take the caliper off, put the pads in the caliper, and a piece of plywood in the gap that the disk would go, have someone press on the brakes, see if the piston moves smoothly, it won't move far, with light to moderate pressure on the pedal, you shouldn't be able to pull that plywood out (6inch by 8inch piece of wood) if this all seems fine, chances are it's your slide pins, sand em down with some emry cloth and use anti seize lubricant on it...

if the caliper piston does NOT move easily, put it back on the disk, and try a bleeding procedure, this may fix the problem, as there could just be an air bubble in the system, or if there is a pinched line, very little fluid will come out, if bleeding the system does not work, and the flow of brake fluid seems proper, i would think the caliper is toast... they usually go for less than $50 each, (for vehicles in general) i am not sure about rangers though, and i would replace both sides at the same time, while you are at it, a set of pads is worth it, as you will have them out at the same time... and a set of rotors wouldn't be a bad idea either, although this is not necissary, depending on the conditions of your old rotors...

remember, if it pulls to the right on braking, the left side is the problem, if it pulls to the left, the right side is the problem. Also remember that any time that the fluid system is opened up, that they need to be fully bled. and all work should be equal side to side... even something as simple as sanding the slider pins and using anti seize lube, you should do the same to the otherside, otherwise the "problem side" may work considerably better than the side that was working "ok" to begin with
this is more than likely your problem. try the parking lot idea and while your at it try applying your emergency brakes. this will tell you right away if there is a problem with the rear brakes. doing this only engages the drums but it will still pull left or right if you have a problem. if not it is definatley in the front. like said above i am 99% sure it will be the right side caliper siezing up. good luck
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Old 12-24-2009
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Originally Posted by firstandsecond View Post
hey there.. im new here.. I read ur post.. my steering gear box wines a bit to with little stress on it.. and my 05 4x4 also pulls to the left when braking.. not bad tho
your ps pump whining means its a ford. nothing to really worry about.
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