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Chevy 4.3 Vortec, 4l60e, and Chevy rear end Ranger swap

Old 05-11-2019
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Chevy 4.3 Vortec, 4l60e, and Chevy rear end Ranger swap

I've searched and searched the entirety of the internet looking for a guide/How-to on swapping my Blazers drivetrain into my 1999 Ford Ranger 4-door supercab. Basically to condense the story. I bought a 2000 Chevy Blazer for my wife and I replaced absolutely everything under the hood(She decided she wants a Dodge) Smh! Women!. I wanted it to be dependable and safe for her and my kids. I replaced all that follows: complete firing system, fuel delivery system, completely replaced the entire brake system down to the brakelines, vacuum lines, intake gaskets, every sensor under the hood except the mass air flow because I got a few of them in a trade I did for a 97 Blazer parts truck, aluminum alloys, New Goodyear Wrangler tires with matching spare wheel and tire you name it, It most likely has a lifetime warranty. All in all I put about $3,200 into the mechanical reliability of the Truck. I'd drive it anywhere on earth pretty much without worrying about it's reliability. Turns out the market value for the Blazer is around $1,200 tops where I live, so I refuse to sell all my hard work and $ for a massive(to me) loss. This is where the "99 Ranger comes in. I bought it for $300 on the luckiest deal of my life, I've always wanted one of the 4 door Supercab Rangers between a 98-01 every since I first 👀 one as a kid. Love the body style. It has a great running low mileage 4.0l Ohv V6 that would probably run forever. However the automatic 5-speed Transmission is beyond Fubar. So I tossed around the idea of selling the 4.0l in it and doing a 5.0l w/a manual trans swap but anything and everything slightly decent I found was so completely unrealistically priced that I gave up on the idea. I had the Idea to 4.3 swap it after it occurred to me that I had the most dependable perfect donor sitting in my yard. I don't care about all the cutting, welding and possible fabrication required. That's the fun of it. I could spend $1,000 on a motor and transmission that I have no clue what problems it could have or I could buy a decent grinder, buy my buddy a six pack and rent him a welder, & buy some motor mounts to put my $3,200 investment to use. Sell the 4.0l and Blazer body for parts or scrap it if doesn't sell. I might even come close to breaking even after everything is said and done. Anyways. If anyone has any good advice or experience on this sort of swap. Please let me know my best chance for it to be a success. I'm committed to this swap now and I know it's gonna be alot of work to make it happen. It isn't helpful to tell me how I should just take my loss or buy some other kind of truck. I just need to know any shortcuts or easy ways that it could be done that might save me a ton of time and money. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the 77 page book report on my project 😆

That's my $300 machine.

I'm gonna make something special out of this Truck, I just gotta find someone that has a little 4.3 swapping knowledge. I'm believing that the finished product will be a sexually appealing, dependable little truck. Any help to make this project come to fruition is very appreciated. I'll take pictures of progress and try and document my trial and error to help anyone else that undertakes this sort of challenging but surely rewarding project. I'll for sure have the only Chevy Ranger in N. GA
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