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How To: Install Universal Ground Wire Kit

How to install universal ground wire kit. What is a ground wire kit you my ask? A ground wire kit provide better ground electric current passage way from battery negative to body chassis and different components within the engine bay. It stabilize Electrical Revolutions which generate more Power, and Torque. Improves Throttle Response and Stabilizes the engine at high RPM's. Help Lower Electric Resistance And Increase The Effectiveness Of The Entire Electrical System ÖThatís what they say so I decided to try it out my self to see if this ground wire kit really works. If your asking where I got the ground wire kit I got it in ebay!!!! Love ebay!!! I just got the most cheapest kit they had. They make different look alike types and all different colors. Make sure u get the kit with 7 ground wires if your going to buy this kit. The kit that I got includes...

7 Ground Wires That are Different Sizes in Length
Aluminum Plate Connector
Aluminum Battery Head
Mounting Plates
Installation Instruction

By the way i have 1999 ford ranger. i dont know if the engine bay is the same with the different years or engine size of rangers but i bet you can find different ways to put on the wires.

Ok 1st I took out the battery to get a ground out and just donít want to have my face in front of a battery with all these grounds going everywhere. The 1st wire was the shortest wire that was in the kit and I put it were there was a ground next to the battery. There are two ground wires there. One is your battery ground and the other ground I believe is your headlight. You need a 7/16 to get it out and there is another bolt that holds the headlight ground. The bolt has a type of thread lock on it and it took out the whole bolt/nut with it.

2nd wire put on throttle body you need a 10mm to get the bolt out.

3rd the manifold I had no clue where to put this till my friend point it out for me if you look under your manifold like kind of by your oil dip stick you see a bracket that holds the manifold up. I put the ground wire there. You need a 8mm to get the nut out.

4th and 5th ground wire was the alternator. Need a 8mm to get the bolt out. Then I took the end of the ground wire of the alternator and put it on the fire wall. Need a 7/16 to get to the nut. Then take your 2nd longest ground wire hook it up on the fire wall with the alternator ground. Like in the picture.

6th is little tricky your engine block. This should be your longest ground wire that you have left. If you look at were you put your wires on the fire wall there is a ground wire that goes down there. If you follow that and find it bingo thatís your ground wire on your block. What I did to get it out was I got my whole body in the engine bay and used a 1/2 wrench to get it out. It well take some time but when you do take a brake lol. But anyway the hole on the ground wire is a little to small fit the bolt in. What I did I took drill bit that you can fit in the hole of the ground wire and just boor it out with the drill bit. Make sure that the ground wire does not touch the header or the metal tube that connects from the header does not touch. Try to zip tie it to a wire or something. I just put the ground behind all the wires and holds it from touching the header. Sorry that I cant put a picture up. The dam camera cant get a good picture or even a decent one. I will try my best to post one up later.

Ok now put everything together put the battery back and be careful not to make your grounds touch the positive...spark spark...scared the hell out of me when that happened to me lol...but before you put the top plate on your ground plate connector on your negative terminal. I pulled out the 1st tab on the stock negative terninal wire to give me more slack and put the negative on the neck shaft that came with the kit. Now u can put every thing together. You should have 5 ground wires to put on the ground plate and 1 ground left over. I did not know where to put it so i just left it out.

Did the Truck Perform better you may ask? What I have fell, heard, and noticed on my truck? The truck starts up a lot better. Head lights little brighter. They say your sound system would hit little bit harder but I could not tell my system was fine tuned by my deck so my settings were reset from the disconnection of the battery and I forgot to write the settings down that was my bad. The throttle response is more responsive. The one thing I noticed was at high RPMís. Before my truck gave a high whining shaking sound. But now it sounds much, much smother at high RPMís. I say I works dam good for $20 thats included shipping on ebay. I would say try it and fell it your self its only $20. Well hope this helps my ford ranger drivers out there. Drive safe :)

For more detailed pictures click HERE

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