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Old 10-22-2007
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How-To: Remove driver and passanger side manual windows (2001).

I decided to remove my front windows on my 2001 to install some tint, and I figured I would do a write up along the way.
*This involves drilling near your glass window, along with removing it out of the door*
- I'm not responsible for any broken windows or any damage done to your vehicle during any attempt made on removing the window

Items Needed:

• Drill
• Bit - 1/4 in and a P2
• Ratchet - 3/8 or 1/4
• Socket - 7/16
• Torx Screwdriver – T20
• Thin flat head screwdriver
• Pliers
• 2nd person (optional, but very recommended)
• 4 Bolts – 1/4W x 1L with 4 lock nuts

Step 1:
Removal of door panel

• Remove the 3 screws on the panel
o 1 is near the bottom
o 2 under the door handle

• Use the thin screwdriver to pop the cover of the window crank off and use the T20 (torx) to remove the screw inside
o Pull crank handle off

• Pull on door handle to remove it
o Under door handle is 1 last screw - remove that

• After all screws are out, lift up on door panel to remove.

Step 2:
Window Disassembly

• Pull back the insulation so you can see the inside of the door.

• Put the window crank back on (you do not need to put the screw back in)

• Crank the window down until you see the rivets holding the window onto the brace.

• Carefully use the 1/4 drill bit to drill the center of the rivet about half way through.

• Use the pliers to grab onto the rivet and wiggle it around some to see if you can break it off (shouldn’t require too much work)
o Don’t force it or you could break the window
o If it wont come off continue to drill until you can break it off
• Once you break the one side of the rivet off use the thin screwdriver to push the rest of the rivet out the other side.
o Leave the window sitting on the bracket
Step 3:
Window Removal

(2nd person is recommended here)

• Crank the window all the way down
• Remove the black window cover by pulling up on it.

• Using the 7/16 socket to remove the 2 bolts holding the window tracks on both sides of the door

Tricky Part

• To remove the window glass you must first remove it from the track (door lock side) while the window is still in the door.

• After you get it out of the track you must turn the window glass at an angle - removing the larger side of the window first

• Slide the window up in front of the window track (side closest to the outside of the door)

(If you look down inside the door from the window hole you will see the gap in front of the track you must slide it up through)
If it gets stuck or feels like it is jamming anyway lower the window and try again. Don’t force it or you could break the glass.

Window is out

Step 4:
Putting window back in

• Reverse the above steps to reinstall window putting smaller side of window in first then turning it once it’s inside the door.

• Replace the old rivets you drilled out with the 4 bolts and lock nuts.

The lower portion of your window track may fall off during the re installation of the window.
You need to pop it back into place before inserting window back in
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