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Old 03-05-2009
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Parting out V8 SAS 8 lug Bronco II, Many aftermarket and factory parts: NC

I am parting out my built V8, SAS Bronco II. It is a 1985 but not much of it is stock at this point. The flares, clear turn signals, and headlight covers are gone. The axles, tires and wheels are all sold. The motor is sold. The driver's seat has a stain that I'm not sure will come out of the yellow leather. Rear seats are red and in good shape.
Custom made tube bumper that will bolt directly to your frame and has a receiver mount for a winch or clevis. It bolts right up and is very stout - I ran over some good size trees with this thing, bent my frame and yet only scratched the paint on the bumper. It is pictured on my truck with a 3" body lift so normally the body would sit down closer to it. $150

With a receiver mounted winch on it (not included)

Nice black center console that fits between the seats and has 2 cup holders for the front and 2 for the rear and a locking compartment. $15

Factory front and rear chrome bumpers that are in pretty good shape.
Still have the windshield visor
3" performance accessories body lift with all bolts and hardware.
James Duff Poly body mounts.
Dual electric fans that fit perfect in front of the radiator and bolt side to side into the radiator support with no cutting. They moved plenty of air to keep a high performance 342 stroker running cool.
Gas tank that I bought brand new and painted back when I was finishing the truck up
Skid plate for the gas tank
4 speed shifter console
3 speed shifter console
If you want to swap a V8 into a Ranger, Bronco II or explorer:
Oil filter relocator with oil cooler.
Engine mounts that I made to bolt the V8 down to the stock rubber motor mounts.
A few brackets to relocate the power steering pump and alt to get everything to fit.
Hedman swap headers and a full welded true dual 2.5" exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers that exits under the rear bumper through 3.5" rolled angle cut tips.
I also have a C6/NP205 combo, and the driveshafts that will all bolt right in with an Solid Axle Swap for sale. You find the motor and axles and I have the rest.
Custom Dash and Gauges
It has all electrical Autometer carbon fiber gauges and sending units.
2 1/16": Volts, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Water Temp
3 3/8": Speedo and Tach
Speedo comes with electric sending unit that will fit into the stock speedo cable hole on most Ford Transmssions. It is programable so that you don't have to worry about changing the little gears when you change tires. Just measure off 2 miles with another vehicle or on the highway going by the mile marker signs then use the button on the gauge to calibrate it.
The dash piece is a direct bolt in that I custom made from a piece of brushed aluminum. It includes matching turn signal and high beam indicator lights as well as a red indicator that can be used for whatever you choose (I had an alarm that was hooked to it). It has a factory vent installed in it that fits right up to the duct like factory. It is cut out for a standard 1 DIN stereo and factory heater controls.
Well over $600 worth of gauges and the custom brushed aluminum dash piece all for $400

Pictures of the Bronco start on page 4 of my photobucket album:
There are also pictures here:
If you see anything else you want ask or make an offer.

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i would love to have your guages but i dont have 400.

why are you parting it out its a sweet truck.
Old 03-05-2009
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Dude, why are you parting this thing out. It is awesome.
Old 03-05-2009
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I watched this thing be built... why are you parting it? It took forever to build! A lot of good work for a year of it being done? Doesn't make sense to me...
Old 03-05-2009
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Yeah why are you parting it, if it runs I might be interested in buying it whole.
Old 03-05-2009
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He says the axles, tires and wheels are sold.
Old 03-05-2009
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soo sick, even in yellow
Old 03-05-2009
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Not trying to rag on you or anything but you could pick that center console up at walmart for 25 bucks.
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Originally Posted by Downey View Post
I would love to have your gauges but i dont have $400.
All of this stuff is or best offer so feel free to make an offer.

I was going off this for the price on the console:
JCW console
I have since been to Walmart and lowered the price accordingly

No reasonable offers will be refused. Much of this stuff I don't know what to set the price at - it has been years since I bought some of it and I've been out of the offroad scene for a while.

It does run but I don't think I could get for it whole what I am for the motor alone, then even if I swapped in my buddy's stock 302 long block I still wouldn't get for it whole what I can for the tires, wheels, axles and his motor with my intake and carb on it.

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Here's the long story. I bought the truck over 10 years ago and fixed it up for my first vehicle when I turned 16. Painted it yellow, lifted it 2.5", cut-outs and 33s. It was too slow so I looked for a 302, realized it was cheaper for me to swap in fullsize trans and t-case than to buy the AA adapter, figured I might as well put in solid axles that would hold up, figured I might as well build the suspension high enough to fit 40s. I got it most of the way done before joining the Marine Corps in 2003 but was out of funds and didn't get to finish it until I got back from a 2 year tour in Japan in 2006. The motor had a bolt dropped down the intake during the 4 years between building it and starting it so when I fired it up the bolt made it in with a piston and my 302 was shot. I built the 342 stroker from the ground up dropped it in and on the way back from getting the exhaust done the worn trans let go. So I got the trans rebuilt and beefed up to handle the 342.

So after a few months of going back and forth to Ohio on long weekends to finish it up I finally got to drive it down to NC. It got 6 mpg on the way here, and was loud, obnoxious and not comfortable. I took it out offroading and quickly realized the expensive stereo was stupid since I always had it off to listen to what was going on. It wasn't fun to play in the easy stuff in a light truck with over 400hp and 40s locked front and rear so I started getting into the bigger trails and the body started getting banged up. I started getting bored at the local wheeling areas but couldn't afford to drive to the far ones at 6mpg. I quickly realized that for me building a nice looking offroad rig was pretty much a waste of time and money. To have fun in it I end up beating it up, and to clean it after a 1 hour wheeling trip took 3 hours. If I had to do it over I would build one all show no go street queen and one ugly but [email protected]$$ tube buggy.

I've always had a passion for diesels and in 2007 I bought my first, a 2005 Duramax. It has heated leather, gets over 20mpg and was comfortable to drive. I can't leave a truck stock so before I even picked it up I had the most powerful custom tuning tool available for GM vehicles and within 3 months my trans (yes the almighty allison) was shot. My current business partner and I teamed up to build our transmissions together. As soon as we did everyone started wanting us to build their transmissions so we started our company - Diesel Addiction. We both started racing and sled pulling and last year I got my truck down to 12.36 @ 108 in the 1/4 mile. I finally pushed the motor too far and something let go so now it's time to build the motor so that I can go even further.

Since I bought my Duramax I have been neglecting the Bronco but didn't want to part with it due to the sentimental value, my dad and I spent alot of time together building it. I was going to just sell the motor to my buddy and drop his stock 302 long block into the Bronco until I had time to find and install a Cummins 4BT so that I could put Diesel Addiction decals on it and spread our name into other motorsports. Now I have just gotten out of the Marine Corps, am planning my wedding, and am putting everything I can into Diesel Addiction. So I am very busy and very broke and have decided to finally let it go. The 342 is going in my buddy's Fox Body that I will get to drive and race when/if I want. The axles, tires, and wheels are supposed to be going to an SAS swap on a 90 F-250 diesel that I'll get to see around.

To me the Bronco is completely impractical and is a toy that is only fun offroad while it's getting beat up. I would rather part it out and put the money in the Duramax, the better it runs the more business I get. My Duramax still gets over 20mpg, is very comfortable to drive daily, can tow any trailer, run low 12s in the quarter, and win sled/tractor pulls. So it is very practical and yet still a toy that I can have fun in without beating it up. With the new built motor I plan to get it in the low 11s @ over 120mph in the 1/4........ for this year.
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