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  1. RangerNewbie612
    01-26-2017 - permalink
    I have not been able to address these issues due to lack of funds but today while traveling to work the radiator hose blew off as soon as I parked and I did notice that the thermostat gauge was fairly high as I was nearing my destination. The fluid that was splattered over the engine looked to have the same grit and grit as a few months ago. This is the most trouble I have had out of my ranger since my Grandfather gave it to me in 2009, other than the gas sending unit. Please help me.
  2. RangerNewbie612
    01-26-2017 - permalink
    My thermostat would read well above normal within 1-3 minutes of regular driving. I later replaced the thermostat and after removing the old thermostat I tested it to see if it really did not function properly and sure enough it did not. After tightening all the bolts and things I noticed a leak so I went to the Automotive Mechanic place nearest my house to have em tighten it up.My ranger has ran alot rougher since then and the thermostat gauge on the gauge is often times above the middle hash. I had figured that times after that that the coolant was leaking elsewhere i could not see and my ranger later began backfiring and soon after that began to
    have trouble starting.
  3. RangerNewbie612
    01-26-2017 - permalink
    I have a 95 ranger 2.3 and I have quite a few issues. I also am not every savvy about the ins and outs of the engine and mechanics but thats why I'm here, to learn.

    About 6 months ago I 'flushed' my radiator. By 'flushed' I mean I released the fluid from the drain cock of the radiator and commenced using my water hose to rinse out what I noticed to be grit and grime by putting the running water hose down in the hole where the radiator cap goes. I did this because very little coolant came out as well as mostly grit and grime. I also ran the engine while doing so as I noticed alot of the grit and grime would shoot out from the hole where the radiator cap goes as well too. I then used Mountain Peak Radiator Super Cleaner and Flush to flush it. I did not drive the engine for 3-6 hours, but after i drained the cleaner and water mix, I added more coolant and attempted to drive.

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