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  1. Jeff R 1
    11-25-2017 - permalink
    Jeff R 1
    Can this post also apply to the 3 litre ?

    There's no DYI article on this either.
    I think once I have mu answer, I'll post one.

  2. det107
    11-04-2017 - permalink
    I recognized your user name on The Ranger Station. I'm having trouble with the password they issued & cannot log back in or get in touch w/staff. Could I trouble you to ask a mod to reinstate ? I still drive the 2002 Ranger Edge LoL Thanks- det107 (Mark)
  3. cvg47
    08-20-2017 - permalink
    are u refering to just the parts in the cap....or also on the axle?...because the parts on the axle do not move freely...they are very stiff....as u said use light oil....
    On those parts as well?
  4. Jeff R 1
    06-13-2017 - permalink
    Jeff R 1
    I'm assuming that you're reading this thread...
    You didn't post, but I wasn't expecting you too, you would post if I was doing something wrong. I guess.
    I'm just ranting here _ what a Dorky engine design _ no woodruff key, no timing cam keys !?
    I would be afraid to drive a vehicle with this engine in it.
    I can only assume that this was done to ease assembly on the line.
    Just throw everything together locking up the crank and cams and tighten the hell out of everything !
    I would use Loctite too if this was my engine.

    I'm surprised that the industry didn't have lots of problem with this.
    I would have never imagined that someone would come up with such a stupid design !

  5. rangerbill61
    12-19-2016 - permalink
    Hi guy, Not sure if this is correct place to put this but ill try. didn't mean to be rude with my thread yesterday. I will try to look at new threads and reply correctly..RB
  6. Jeff R 1
    09-23-2016 - permalink
    Jeff R 1

    I'm sure you've been reading this thread _ or maybe you haven't ???
    It's impossible to tell what was screwed with from other owners or where even to begin with it.
    Do you know where to plug the code reader in ?
    I did allot of searching and I think it has a cam shaft positon sensor ???
    I know Ford added it later to help with fuel economy, but I'm not sure when and I can't find the post where mentioned this.
    In theory it should runwell enough, even if the catalytic converter was removed provided the oxygen sensor was before the converter.
  7. RangerRandy
    05-10-2016 - permalink
    Ron, Thanks for your reply to my forum question concerning the B2200 vs the b2300, and that motor vs the Lima I have. You have saved me $$$ and time! MUCH APPRECIATED!
  8. nealkorde
    01-30-2016 - permalink
    Hi Ron.. Sorry for the Pm..

    Ron, I have a 2001 Edge 2DR Extended Cab...4.0...2wd...PW...Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Mirrors...Cruise...etc.

    ABout 2 months ago my driver power door lock stopped working. I replaced the actuator, the power door lock switch (OEM), and still "nothing". The passenger side lock will open with my Key FOB and sometime with the driver power door lock switch. My question is I was told there is an AUX Relay Box under the dash on the driver side that has a relay for the Driver Power Door. I can't find it...can you help me please? I need a drawing to see what relay it is.

    Also, 3 months ago I replaced the power window motor on the passenger side. It was Brand New and a Ford OEM motor. It worked fine for a month and then it suddenly stopped working. What can I do to fix it?

    Thanks for any help, Ron. You're the best mechanic on the Forum....and I always read your posts and responses.. Thank you so much

    Neal K
  9. RonD
    07-27-2015 - permalink
    I answered it in your post in the forum.
  10. Martinez0311
    07-27-2015 - permalink
    Ron I sent you a private message

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