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Jeff R 1
11 Minutes Ago 03:55 PM
 Slowly loosing coolant?
Have a look at the photo in post #1 That's where I'm thinking, it starts up high in the timing cover and seeps down. ... (59 views, 7 replies)
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15 Minutes Ago 03:51 PM
 What transmission to use in a 1996 Ford Ranger when swapping to a 5.0
Can't beat an old fashioned big in/out Toploader 4 speed. And besides, the HP numbers are meaningless here. The torque figures and traction are what breaks things in the drivetrain (80 views, 6 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 02:44 PM
 It's Been A Few Years
Hahah I noticed the steering wheel also, and was wondering what the hell happened to it. I'll never forget doing that, I can replay that moment in my head just as if I was watching a video of... (145 views, 5 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 02:12 PM
 CataClean...Any knowledge of this product?
This tool will also do the tests. No extra features, it just gives you the results as a number on the screen rather than counting as the Check Engine light flashes during the tests.... (85 views, 11 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 10:59 AM
 It works, but how? Floating ground?
Well i screwed the pooch for sure. Finally got the battery charged up and did a parasitic draw test. With my multimeter on 10 amp setting it read .56 amps. Way too high. I unplugged the dumb blinking... (155 views, 10 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 10:40 AM
 Strange rattle only upon acceleration
iI've had a tranny tailshaft mount cause noise before. The rubber was broke down due to age and the metal encased in the rubber was touching. Although it made noise only when engine / tranny shake... (342 views, 12 replies)
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5 Hours Ago 10:26 AM
 Temperature/oil guague pegged out HELP
Disconnect and they go all the way down to zero. (64 views, 4 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 09:37 AM
Link had an extra https in it. The one above should work. (46 views, 5 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 09:13 AM
 The Ranger to own / keep
I'm making my own ideal Ranger. I bought a fairly low miles (157,000) 1993 4x4 XLT Supercab, 4.0 V-6, white. Bad thing is it had a leaking A4LD automatic transmission...no Bueno. I did a lot of... (136 views, 4 replies)
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6 Hours Ago 09:08 AM
 Starter/wiring issue
This is common, as long as it is on bare metal on the block. I have seen issues come up after people painted the block and then installed ground strap/cable without cleaning off the paint under that... (108 views, 9 replies)
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8 Hours Ago 07:18 AM
 Slow leak rear differential
Iíll have to check it when I get out of work tonight, thank you for your fast response. Looks like new seals this winter (49 views, 3 replies)
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Dngr Rngr
17 Hours Ago 11:00 PM
 Odd Voltage Issue
alternator could be pulsing so it makes power one sec causing drag then freewheels like a idler pulley the next preloading the belt. Any auto parts store will test the alternator for free. Heck... (189 views, 11 replies)
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17 Hours Ago 10:08 PM
 Center Console Armrest Install
https://www.ranger-forums.com/general-technical-electrical-18/center-console-removal-77213/ (43 views, 1 replies)
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19 Hours Ago 08:47 PM
 1995 5.0HO with 1976 C4. What flex plate do I need?
It'll either be a 157 or 164 tooth bell. My guess is 164 tooth. Most if not all trucks had the bigger bell. (51 views, 3 replies)
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22 Hours Ago 05:09 PM
 i dont know if anyone watches her
I don't know if anyone watches her but I fell pretty good she liked my truck. I know mine is a full race truck but I have ran trucks with a ls motor and a turbo and nos. it out ran both of them with... (37 views, 0 replies)
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23 Hours Ago 04:18 PM
 vacuum on oil cap
i dont have any just a stock 2.5. The oil cap and the vent hose to tb have vacuum got me stumped (61 views, 4 replies)

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