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1 Hour Ago 03:38 PM

Ford kept changing the way they wired things every couple years, so it would really help if we knew what year you have.
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1 Hour Ago 03:34 PM

On a 2 pin bulb, it really doesn't matter, If both wires are Black, pick either the left or right pin and make it ground, do the same for both lights. If 1 wire black and 1 wire colored, use the...
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3 Hours Ago 01:35 PM

It's a 95 ranger 2 door And I don't have an issue with the door ajar light being on, that works like it should. So is the issue my gem module?
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4 Hours Ago 01:12 PM

I can see the new EPC solenoid potentially not working, but does it explain the truck rolling forward in reverse and neutral?
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4 Hours Ago 12:30 PM

https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.ranger-forums.com-vbulletin/2000x1504/gapped_2nd_ring_to_0 25__60db28d759e3f909 06e3e5b92dc27f44790f 0fa8.jpg Gapped 2nd ring to .025 ...
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By: RonD
5 Hours Ago 11:48 AM

No, doesn't sound right AC Compressor shouldn't "kick" on and off that much if AC is ON, it can do that when AC is off and in defrost mode May need to drain and flush system and replace orifice...
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6 Hours Ago 10:48 AM

sorry i am wanting to swap the drivetrain out of the mustang into the ranger
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7 Hours Ago 09:52 AM

I saw another member in RF with South American version of Ranger, has diesel factory power. Maybe some of that hardware might help with swap if available. There were diesel versions of both 2nd and...
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9 Hours Ago 08:15 AM

Thanks and that's what I thought to!!
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10 Hours Ago 06:34 AM

Well Larry that"s fine but I did this swap, picked up a Taurus 3.0 for $375.00, engines are the same!! intakes, water pump, valve covers, oil sensor, timing cover and bottom pulleys is all I had to...
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11 Hours Ago 05:48 AM

Is locksmith a better option? please share your experience in brief.
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By: 2010XL
16 Hours Ago 12:45 AM

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, and new to Ranger's. I purchased a 2010 Ranger XL regular cab (fleet truck) recently. It has 142k on it, 2.3L auto, 2WD. Runs great,shifts fine, though needs a few...
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19 Hours Ago 10:04 PM

Alright, Thanks a tonne friend! My Google-Fu definitely wasn't strong enough for this one. Now that I know for sure I can finally call up the boys and get started on the job!
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19 Hours Ago 09:27 PM

Do not!! Do not!! And I mean Do not!! Get the cheaper aftermarket tensioners. Take it from me I'm working on pulling my 03 4.0 sohc engine out for the 3rd time in about a year and a half all because...
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By: RonD
20 Hours Ago 09:02 PM

Welcome to the forum Just saw this post In MAX AC setting there are TWO vacuum solenoids added that are only used in MAX AC Fresh air vent vacuum motor, and the Heater by-pass vacuum valve ...
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By: RonD
22 Hours Ago 06:35 PM

Yes, they probably did, but..............if it was hard to use before there was already something wrong, so not sure you would have much push back for "YOU broke it, you pay for it", and the $70 is...
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By: RonD
23 Hours Ago 06:21 PM

Good work Faulty gauge or faulty Sender? Sender is on the engine
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By: RonD
23 Hours Ago 06:19 PM

No, PATS would have nothing to do with no dash lights. That would be bad battery cables, most likely, which would also cause the PATS issue Battery's have TWO cables, every one focuses on the...
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